I'm always happy to discuss writing, be it talking a bit more about my own experience, discussing a potential project, or just answering a few nagging questions, so please do give me a shout. Fan mail's always nice too. You can contact me via email:

Some other ways to keep up are Twitter, LinkedIn and via my blog.

In the past I've worked at every level from high level narrative and world design, all the way down through dialogue production, localisation and voice direction. I've worked in a diverse set of gameplay and narrative genres, and I'm particularly interested in philosophy, procedural narrative, and non-violent projects.

For rates please get in touch. I work broadly in accordance with the guidelines established by the Writers' Guild of Great Britain (though note they haven't been updated since 2005!), and rates are relative to circumstances. I do also believe that creatives deserve a share of the profits of their endeavour.

I'm based in North London, but I travel regularly for work.

'Master, I'm no behaviour droid, but it is obvious to me that you have some serious ethical problems that will need to be addressed.' - HK-47, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, 2003