Welcome to my writing website. My name is Tom Jubert, and I'm a freelance narrative designer and games developer. My credits include Subnautica, The Talos Principle, FTL, The Swapper, and the Penumbra series. I've been making games since 2006, and I've worked on more than 30 different projects. In that time I've been selected for Develop and Forbes' "30 Under 30" lists, brought home an IGF and been interviewed in renowned industry publications like Gamespot, Develop and Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

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Disclaimer: Google has forced me to convert this site to a new format, and I have not had time to go back through and correct all the mistakes, so sorry it looks a bit broken.


"Subnautica is a template for what open-world survival games should strive to be. It’s fantastical, fresh, and frightening from surface to seabed, with a story that kept on surprising me and a cast of sea monsters that quite literally haunted my dreams. It’s a testament to how enticing those secrets are that I’m willing to face my fears and plunge my submersible into the darkest corners of its unforgiving ocean again and again."


You can find a collection of the latest reviews of my work here.

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...totally chilling out - life's too short to spend most of it in front of a keyboard.

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I work according to the contractual and rates guidelines set out by the British Writers' Guild of Great Britain; and I fight for creatives' rights to a share of the profits of their labour.

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'Fear not! I will inspire you all by charging blindly on!' - Minsc, Baldur's Gate, 1998