Welcome to my writing portfolio. My name is Tom Jubert, and I am a freelance narrative designer. My credits include The Talos Principle, FTL, The Swapper, Penumbra and Driver: San Francisco.

Over the last decade I have been short-listed for Best Video Game Script at the Writers' Guild Awards,
selected for Develop and Forbes' "30 Under 30" lists, brought home an IGF and been interviewed in renowned industry publications like Gamespot, Develop and Rock, Paper, Shotgun. I'm represented professionally by Sidelines, a world-leading agency representing games writers.

Want to discuss a project, ask about games writing in general, or just having a natter? Why not get in touch?

"One of the most emotional and thought-provoking stories I've experienced in quite some time[...] Very few puzzle games have ever managed to marry impeccable challenges with a mature storytelling quite like this."

You can find a collection of the latest reviews of my work here.

Recently I have mostly been...

...tidying things up on The Talos Principle's substantial new DLC, Road to Gehenna
...and starting work on Subnautica!

Boring Stuff

Site last updated: 13th July 2015

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I work according to the contractual and rates guidelines set out by the British Writers' Guild of Great Britain. Precise rates are relative to circumstances.

'Fear not! I will inspire you all by charging blindly on!' - Minsc, Baldur's Gate, 1998