Courts Jurisdiction of Rangareddy District

Court Location 

Name of the Police Station

1. II Metropolitan Magistrate Court cum
  Designated court for Juvenile JJ Act. Cyberabad at L. B. Nagar
Police Station Limits
1. LB Nagar 2. Meerpet for JJ Act: Entire R.R. Dist.

2. III Metropolitan Magistrate Court: Cyberabad at L.B. NagarPolice Station Limits
1. Uppal 2. Medipally for P.I.T.A Act: Entire Cyberabad

3. Jr. Civil Judge's Court-Cum IV Metropolitan Magistrate Court,
   at Ibrahimpatnam.
Police Station Limits
1. Ibrahimpatnam  2. Yacharam 3. Manchal 
4. Maheshwaram   5. Kandukur

4. Jr. Civil Judge's Court-Cum-V Metropolitan Magistrate Court at MedchalCivil Cases as per the existing
5. VI Metropolitan Magistrate Court: Cyberabad at MedchalPolice Station Limits
1. Medchal 2. Dundigal 3. Shamirpet 
4. Alwal 5. Pet Basheerabad 6. Jeedimetla.

6. VII Metropolitan Magistrate Court: Cyberabad at Hayathnagar.Police Station Limits 
1. Hayathnagar 2. Vanasthalipuram

7. VII Metropolitan Magistrate Court: Cyberabad at Rajendra NagarPolice Station Limits 
1. Rajendranagar 2. Shamshabad 3. Moinabad 
4.Narsing 5. Raidurgam 6. Shivrampally (Rajender Nagar P.S)
7. RGI Shamshabad.

8. IX Metropolitan Magistrate Court: Cyberabad at KukatpallyPolice Station Limits 
1. Kukatpally 2. Balanagar 3. Sanathnagar 
4. Madhapur 5. Chandanagar 6. Miyapur 7. KPHB P.S

9. X Metropolitan Magistrate Court: Cyberabad at MalkajgiriPolice Station Limits 
1. Malkajgiri 2. Keesara 3. Neredmet 4. Kushaiguda

10. XIII Metropolitan Magistrate Court: Cyberabad at L.B. NagarPolice Station Limits 
1. Nacharam 2. Ghatkesar

11. XIV Metropolitan Magistrate Court: Cyberabad at L.B.NagarPolice Station Limits 
1. Pahadisharef 2. W.P.S. Saroornagar

Local Limits / Jurisdiction of Munsif Magistrate Courts (Civil Jurisdiction) In R.R. District

Name of the Court

Local Limits of Jurisdiction

1. Junior Civil Judge Courts, R.R. District, L.B. Nagar.Saroor Nagar, Uppal, Ghatkesar Mandal.
2. Junior Civil Judge Court cum VII Metropolitan Magistrate,
   Cyberabad at Hayathnagar
Hayath Nagar Mandal
3. Junior Civil Judge Court cum VIII Metropolitan Magistrate,
   Cyberabad at Rajender Nagar
Rajendra Nagar, Shamshabad (M)
4. Junior Civil Judge Court cum IX Metropolitan Magistrate,
   Cyberabad at Kukatpally
Balanagar, Sherlingampally (M)
5. Junior Civil Judge Court cum X Metropolitan Magistrate,
   Cyberabad at Malkajigiri
Malkajigiri and Keesara Mandal.
6. Junior Civil Judge at MedchalMedchal, Shameerpet, Quthbullapur Mandal.

Courts & Jurisdiction in R.R. District

Territorial Jurisdiction of District Courts, Subordinate Courts in R.R. District

Name of the Court

Appellate Jurisdiction

1. District Court Ranga ReddyOver the Revenue District of : Ranga Reddy (Original Appellate Jurisdiction)
2. Subordinate Judges CourtsOver the Revenue Mandals of Ranga Reddy, L.B. Nagar(Original Appellate Jurisdiction)
3. Subordinate Judge's Court VikarabadOver the Revenue Mandals of Moinabad, Shankarapalli, Chevella, Shabad, Poodur Bandeed, Kukacharla, Doma Pargi, Nawabpet, Vikarabad Dharoor, Mominpet, Marpali Bantawaram Tandoor, Peddemul Basheerbad & Yalal

Jurisdiction of Judicial 1st Class Magistrates R.R. District

Name of the Court

Appellate Jurisdiction

1. J.F.C.M. Special Mobile Court, R.R. District-
   Cum-XI MM Court, Cyberabad at L.B. Nagar
PS Chaitanyapuri, PS Saroornagar
2. J.F.C.M. Exicise Court, R. R. District-Cum-XII MM Court,
   Cyberabad at L.B. Nagar
Prohibition & Excise Hayath Nagar, Prohibition & Excise Rajendra Nagar, Prohibition & Excise Saroor Nagar, Prohibition & Excise Malkajgiri, Prohibition & Excise Uppal, Prohibition & Excise Ghatkesar, Prohibition & Excise Balanagar, Prohibition & Excise Sherlingampally, All Cyberabad Police Station Limits except the Jurisdiction of V & VI MM Medchal & IV MM Ibrahimpatnam.
3. J.F.C.M. Vikarabad CourtPolice Station Limits 
1. Nawabpet 2. Vikarabad 3 Mominpet 4. marpally 5. Dharur 6. Bantvaram

4. J.F.C.M PargiPolice Station Limits 
1. Pargi 2. Kulkacharla 3. Mohammadabad 4. Doma 5. Changamul

5. J.F.C.M Tandur

Police Station Limits 
1. Tandur 2. Yalal 3. Basheerabad 4. Peddamul 5. Karankot

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