Jurisdiction of Metropolitan Courts, Nampally, Hyderabad


1. Cheif Metropolitan Magistrate Hyderabad, (II M.M)

Name of the Police Station 

1.Charminar      2. Kalapathar      3. Bhadurpura 4. Hussaini Alam 
5.Kamatipura     6. Chandrangutta  7. Chatrinaka 

2. I Addl. Chief Metropolitan Megistrate, Hyderabad, (III MM)GOSHAMAHAL POLICE DIVISION 
1. Excise Dhoolpet,  2, Saifabad, 3. Apts Tem-1 Elec.
4. Apts Team-2 Elec. 5. Apts Tem-3 Elec.

3. II Addl. Chief Metropolitian Magistrate, Hyderabad, (IV MM)SULTAN BAZAR, POLICE DIVISION 
1. Abids (CZ), 2. Afzal Gunj (EZ), 3. Sultan Bazar (EZ) 
4. Excise Narayanguda, 5. A.P. Transco Abids Division.

4. III Addl. Chief Metropolitan Megistrate, Hyd, (V.MM)PANJAGUTTA POLICE DIVISION.
1. Banjara Hills (WZ), 2. SR. Nagar (WZ), 3. Excise Ameerpet P.S.

5. IV Addl. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Hyd. (VI. MM)KACHIGUDA POLICE DIVISION - EAST ZONE
1. Kachiguda. 2. Nallakunta, 3. Amberpet, 4. Osmania University,
5. Excise Kachiguda, 6. Excise Musheerabad.

6. V Addl. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Hyd. (VIII. MM) 
1. Hyderabad, 2. Ranga Reddy. 3. Mahboobnagar. 


7. VI Addl. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Hyd., (IX. MM) C.B.C.I.DASIF NAGAR POLICE DIVISION - WEST ZONE
1. Asif Nager, 2, Humayunagar, 3. Langer House, 4.Tappachabutra, 
5. CBCID, 6. Excise Golconda, P.S. 7. Excise Dhoolpet

8. VII Addl. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Hyd, (XII MM)MALAKPET POLICE DIVISION.
1. Malakpet (EZ)    2. Saidabad (EZ)     3. Santoshnagar (SZ) 
4. Madannapet (SZ) 5. Kanchanbagh (SZ)

9. VIII Addl. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Hyd., (XVI MM)MIRCHOWK POLICE DIVISION
1. Mirchowk (SZ), 2. Dabeerpura (SZ) 3. Bhavani Nagar (SZ) 
4.Mogulpura (SZ) 5. Rein Bazar(SZ)   6. Chadarghat (EZ)

10. IX Addl. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Hyd.,(XVII MM)KAVADIGUDA POLICE DIVISION - CENTRAL ZONE
1. Chikkadpally 2. Narayanguda 3. Musheerabad

11. X Addl. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Secunderabad, (X MM)MARREDPALLY POLICE DIVISION - NORTH ZONE 
1. Gopalapuram 2. Market, 3. Chilkalguda 
4. Lalaguda 5.Marredpaly 6. Tukaramgate 7. Gandhinagar (CZ)

12. XI Addl. Cheif Metropolitan Magistrate, Secunderabad, (XI MM)RAMGOPALPET POLICE DIVISION - NORTH ZONE 
1. Ramgopalpet (CZ) 2. Begumpet 3. Bollarum 
4. Mahankali 5.Bowenpally 6. Karkhana 7. Tirumalgiri.

13. XII Addl. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Secunderabad, (XXI MM)1. CCS 2. Labour and Factory 3. Shops and Establishments 4. Nampally (CZ)
14. XIII Addl. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Secunderabad (XXII MM)MAHILA COURT
Against women in Twin Cities, WPS, CCS

15. XIV Addl. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Secunderabad, (XXIII MM)1. Panjagutta (WZ) 2. Communal Cases 3. CBI Cases
16. XV Addl. Cheif Metropolitan Magistrate, HyderabadSpl. Court for the Trial of Video Piracy Cases, WPS North Zone and WPS South Zone
17. XVI Addl. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Hyd1. Shainayathgunj 2. Habeeb Nagar 3. Mangalhat 
4. Shalibanda      5.Falaknuma     6. Excice Dhoolpet 7. Kulsumpura

18. XVII Addl. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Hyd1. Begum Bazar 2. Jubliee Hills 3. Musheerabad 4. Golconda
19. XIV Addl Judge cum Spl.Nego.Instruments Act Court
XVIII Addl. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Hyd
20. XV Addl. Judge cum Spl. Nego. Instruments Act Court
XIX Addl. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Hyd.
21. XVI Addl Judge cum Spl. Nego.Instruments Act Court 
XX Addl. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Hyd.

22. I Metropolitan Magistrate Hyderabad (VII MM)1. Munciapal Offences 2. Food Adultration
23. II Metropolitan Magistrate Court-cum-Spl.Judicial
    Magistrate of First Class for Railways, Secunderabad (XIII MM)

1. Railways Act
24. III Metropolitan Magistrate Mobile Court for M.V. Act (XIV MM)Hyderabad - Traffic
25. IV Metropolitan Magistrate Mobile Court for M.V. Act (XV MM)Secunderabad - Traffic and D.V Act Cases
26. IV Metropolitan Magistrate RTC Mobile Court (XVIII MM)RTC Mobile Court

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