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New Year Knockout!

Welcome to the J5/SYN New Year Knockout Competition. This event has been created to enhance the Rise of Flight online community and bring Sqns together in a more relaxed event. The ruleset is set out below. Its pretty basic and will not be to everyones taste but we hope it will allow for little or no admin mistakes and a fluid route to the final.

S! for J5 and SYNDICATE.

Rules and Description

The Competition is simple. RUNDATE: SATURDAY 21st Jan 2012 at 1800 UTC(GMT)

1/ 32 Teams of 2 people will compete in 5 "Rounds"

2/ There will be 5 15 minute rounds (with a 5 minute warmup period). Thus the entire event will last no less than 1 hour 40 minutes.

3/ There will be signups shortly for 64 people only in 32 teams. Password for server given.

4/ Outside views WILL be on to allow those person knocked out in each round to remain in server and spectate.

5/ We intend to utilise the RoF teamspeak server (?) as a Spectator area with teams finding their own areas during the comp. Syn TS will be open for 32 ppl (Thats our max)

6/ Each Round will be a 2v2 fight for a Balloon. The Balloon will be at 500-750m. The round will be decided by the destruction of a balloon. The team that destroys the balloon will progress, however the first 10 minutes the balloon is indestructible, so  you have to fight first! If a team kills the other team but does NOT kill the balloon neither team will progress. Ramming of the balloon will result in disqualification.. Where no balloon is destroyed in the alloted time neither team will progress. The AI will take over their positions in the next round. The team facing the AI in the subsequent round still have to kill the balloon!

6b/ We are relying on fairplay and honesty here. The master server can give issues and we will be varifying scores thro the stats parser. After each round the admins will post results on a new "table" so that teams know where to spawn next round. This process should only take 10-15 mins in the early rounds and will be obviously faster as rounds progress. Please stay in TS or at least in server so that you do not miss any announcements.

6c/ Teams whos team members do not show up will be automatically replaced with AI. Teams can field a sinlge human player if their buddy doesnt show.

7/ Disconnects and non starts are unavoidable with such numbers. There will be no respawn or re-run of the rounds. (Apart from server fail).

8/ Fuel and ammo loadouts and skins willl be locked at levels we feel challenge the pilots without taking away from gameplay too heavily (60% fuel).

9/ Planesets. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL HISTORIC SKINPACKS DOWNLOADED! Each team will have the same planes available as their opposition. In rounds 1-3 there will be only 1 planetype available to each team. In rounds 4 and 5 we will give each team 2 different aircraft. Both teams again get the same planes.

10/ Round 1: Eindekker E3 V Eindekker E3

11/ Round 2: Nieuport 17 V Nieuport 17

12 Round 3: Albatros D3 V Albatros D3

13/ Round 4: SE5+DR1 V SE5+DR1

14/ Final: Camel+Pfalz D3a V Camel+Pfalz D3a

15/ Players will spawn at 1 km altitude, 3000 m apart and facing each other. Players should not fly away from the balloon or they will be destroyed if they are more than 2500 m away from the balloon"

16/ Winners and 2nd place team will receive a physical trophy designed by us. Each team member will receive a trophy by post. Gold trophys for 1st place silver for 2nd (no they arent solid gold and silver).

17/ The event will take place on 21ST January 2012.

18/ You may choose a team member from anyone in the RoF community. This is not a Sqn only event.

Here's a picture to summarize:

Teams have been alloted the following arenas for the first round: