Vintage Missions

Our Goal

To recreate the aerial battles that took place almost a hundred years ago. Every mission flown online should be a unique experience, allowing us a peek into this intriguing part of history, experiencing first hand what it would have been like to fly and fight in the hostile skies over the trenches of the Great War.

Rise of Flight is a unique flight simulator, offering several online game modes where players can meet in the virtual skies and test their skills against each other. The amount of online missions and mission scenarios is virtually endless because you can create your own missions using the Mission Editor. However, not everyone prefers the same type of missions or gameplay. As is typical with combat flight simulators, the majority of the players are seeking an online tournament; a mission where opponents are quickly found and challenged. The close-in dogfight is the ultimate thrill. When the player is killed, he\she will take off immediately again to try to get "his man".

Within the Rise of Flight community there are also other players who are not solely interested in dogfighting, but who would like to experience historical missions from start to end. For them, immersion is all important, the feeling of being there and being faced with the same problems as the aviators of almost a hundred years ago. How did these airmen find their prey? What tactics were used? How the heck did they survive!

Because these players are a minority, it is necessary to co-ordinate these online events. The chances of meeting enough like-minded players on a regular evening is just too slim to get such a game going. One way is to join one of the several already existing online squadrons, but not everyone is interested in this kind of commitment. The Vintage Mission event is an attempt to organize and plan these realistic, historically based online games so enough people can join on an ad-hoc basis and together make it happen.