Don't take it from us, this is what our students have to say!

[After practice] 
I am traveling across the US, and was zip lining just last week.  This is by far the most fun and intense thing I have done on my trip.  I will certainly be back for more.

To anyone interested in attending Lander Defense:  My son and I have attended the training sessions off and on for a few months. We have been highly impressed with the knowledge and talent that Hannes has in this field.
The expertise that he has put forth is highly professional.  [It] has a comfortable atmosphere with others that are there to lend a hand, pitch in and help with all the different layers and levels of defense training applicable to the subject being taught and trained.  My son and I have a much more far reaching knowledge base because of the skills taught in the school.  If you are a brand new person to this arena  or you are a little rusty/cobwebby or if you are in need to upgrade your already existing skills,  these sessions I would recommend for you as an individual.  Bring a family member and or friends to check the school out.  You have a lot to gain and nothing to lose from trying a session or several.  Hannes is very helpful insofar as answering questions and helping one get to the level they so wish to achieve.
-Shawna & Levi

I highly recommend Lander Defense's Gun School. Hannes is a patient, knowledgeable teacher who trains you in wisdom and safety for real world encounters. His drills using increasing levels of stress are an excellent way to train for success.
-David L.
As a complete beginner with virtually zero experience with a firearm, I appreciated the basic, patient, step-by-step approach utilized by [Lander Defense].  Learning gun handling and safety while a moving instructor chucked foam throwing stars at you is both a thrilling and highly effective teaching technique.  As a gun rookie, I enjoyed attending a class that was not only accepting, but encouraging of my numerous and simplistically basic questions and queries.
-Mike H.

That was the most fun I have had all year!