Mama Bear Program

Women face different threats than men.

This is self defense for women and so much more.

  • Safety and Confidence with firearms

  • Mindset and Situational Awareness

  • Firearm and non-Firearm Defense

  • Law and Legality of Self Defense

  • Earn your Concealed Carry Permit Certification

  • Homework that will require about 10 minutes a day.

Watch our Classes and Training page to see upcoming class opportunities.


Although these are "gun classes", the emphasis is personal safety, not shooting. Long before a physical confrontation, there are usually warning signs if you know what to look for. It is best not to have to fight, but if it comes to that, you are your own best weapon, and everything else is just an extension of that. We will train your body and mind to react to danger efficiently and effectively regardless of age and physical condition. Learn how to make the most of what you have!

Regardless of whether you have a handgun, rifle, shotgun or no firearm for protection, these classes will build your knowledge and skills.

Live fire range sessions may be inserted between or during classes, depending on the needs of the students

Mama Bear Classes 1-3

These classes will not be too advanced for you. They are designed for anyone with little or no knowledge of self defense and firearms.

After completing the three Novice Classes, you will know

  1. basic danger avoidance skills

  2. how to start thinking like a defender, not a victim

  3. how to operate and shoot your defensive firearm safely

  4. what to expect while learning self defense, and that you can do it regardless of age and physical condition.

  5. how to choose the right firearm(s) for your specific circumstances.

Mama Bear 1

  • Understanding the Self Defense Mindset

  • Introduction to Situational Awareness

  • Introduction to Firearms - Naming the parts and understanding what they do

  • Beginning gun safety

  • How to choose a defensive firearm - What to consider BEFORE purchasing.

  • Role play ("Scenario") training for assessing potential danger

  • Homework - Reading and Situational Awareness Drills

Mama Bear 2

  • Safety: Spot the violation. The Story of the Ghost Bullet

  • Firearms handling: Safe Load, Safe Unload, Locking the Slide the easy way

  • Safely dealing with stoppages (also called "malfunctions") - What to do when your gun goes "click" instead of "bang"

  • How to to shoot accurately

  • Basic Shooting Stance

  • Situational Awareness 2: Check the Hands

  • Mindset: Training and practicing for defense vs. target shooting.

  • Mindset: Using his advantage against him.

  • Verbal de-escalation 1: Strangers

  • Introduction to Firearm retention and disarms: What to do if someone tries to grab your gun. This is a basic introduction to the concepts. There will be more practice in future classes.

  • Homework - Reading, situational awareness drills and firearm dry practice (at home with no live ammunition).

Mama Bear 3

  • Safety Review

  • Shooting accurately under pressure - (This may be done with Lasers, Airsoft or Live ammunition, depending on facilities, student abilities and weather conditions)

  • Situational Awareness 3 - Doors, Windows and Walls

  • Disassembly and Cleaning of Firearms

  • Firearm Retention and Disarming 2

  • Choosing a holster or sling

Mama Bear Classes 4-9

Now that you have learned to be safe, it is time to learn to be dangerous.

After completing all five classes you will:

  1. understand the principles of mindset, avoidance, escape and self defense.

  2. know how to defend yourself with a firearm.

  3. know that you can do these things under pressure, because you will have already trained them under pressure.

  4. Have an established home practice program that you can use whenever you feel a little bit "rusty".

  5. Understand the self defense laws of Wyoming and the legal concepts behind use of deadly force. (Due to the condensed nature of the classes, most of this will be in homework, with a question and answer session)

Mama Bear 4

  • Gun and training safety review / refresher

  • Gun Handling for defense vs. Shooting range gun handling

  • Mindset discussion and drills

  • Standard and Non-standard shooting positions

  • Drawstroke (handguns) / Unsling (long guns)

  • Introduction to verbal de-escalation

  • Homework

Mama Bear 5

  • Understanding the Criminal Mind 1 - How are victims chosen and why.

  • De-escalation 1 - Talking your way out of "it" with strangers.

  • Defense against contact weapons 1

    • principles of defense when knives/hammers/baseball bats are involved

    • how will these attacks likely unfold (review of video footage)

    • how to evaluate whether a technique is going to work and when it won't

    • how to create the distance that you need.

  • Verbal scenario practice

  • Homework

Mama Bear 6

  • Understanding the Criminal Mind 2 - Planning

  • Moving off the line of attack

  • Passing Corners and Doorways

  • De-Escalation 2 - How to know when talking isn't going to work

  • Scenarios - De-escalation or Shooting under pressure

  • Homework

Mama Bear 7

  • Types of violence

  • Scenarios

    • Mugging

    • Disarm

    • Retention

  • Force on Force - Student vs. Student games with Airsoft guns.

  • Aftermath

    • Dealing with Law Enforcement immediately after defending yourself - How to not get shot

    • Communicating with Law Enforcement (and what not to communicate before you speak to an attorney)

  • Homework

Mama Bear 8 - Range Day

  • Safety

  • Flinch prevention

  • Recoil Management

  • Follow Through

  • Accuracy

  • Draw Stroke

  • Timed Drills

Mama Bear 9

  • This is the "Final Exam" for the Mama Bear program.

  • Live Fire Qualification (NRA)

  • Timed live fire drill (5x5)

  • NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Written Test

  • Scenario based judgement testing

  • Predatory Behavior

  • Types of Violence

  • Disarming - handgun and long gun

  • Retention