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2022 update: This year my efforts will be spent on a team effort with Tactical Training International ( located in Crowheart, Wyoming.

If you have only begun thinking about self defense,

or if you have been carrying a concealed handgun for years,

you will find just what you need at Lander Defense.

Self Defense has layers. Using a firearm is the last resort to save innocent life, and we will train you well. But... what about the other skills?

As important as learning physical defense, the layers of setting personal boundaries, sensing danger in your environment, defusing angry people and recognizing criminal "traps" that will lead to violence are part of personal safety training. If you know these, you will probably never need to use lethal force. That is what personal safety is about.

Personal Safety is a lifestyle that must fit your needs and unique personality. For some this includes firearms and hand to hand training, and for some it does not. My highly customizable system can integrate the layers of personal safety that you want into your training.

New Gun Owners will find that, along with personal safety, my integrated training system will quickly give them the confidence they want to shoot and eventually carry their firearm.