Outreach Makers

Maker Courses are open-ended workshops rather than directed activities. Materials, basic instructions, and examples are provided and students are given the opportunity to try one or more examples or to go explore a fresh idea.

Our Outreach Programs are one hour in length. Maximum is 25 students per class. It is preferred to have at least one adult volunteer provided by the site.

Single class cost: $75.00

Additional same-day classes: $60.00 per consecutive program

Travel: $0.50 per mile surcharge added to cost if further than 40 miles round trip from The Curiosity Path.


Felt Sewing

  • Design your idea, then use felt, fluffy stuffing, cotton pearl thread, and maybe a few extras to bring your ideas into your life.


  • Create pictures or feeling using scraps of paper and other small found objects. This session can include making Eric Carle-style papers and art.

Shrinky Dinks

  • Draw or trace a picture on a thin piece of shrink plastic, then pop it in a low-heat oven and watch it become small and thicker. Design jewelry, make gifts, and learn a little about the science behind the shrinking.


  • Use a Travel Spirograph or Spiro-Shape kit to create art with gears and ratios. Work your way up to bigger creations with our classroom kit.


  • Try your hand at making duplicate or one-of-a-kind art with ink or paint. Choose from a collection of rubber or foam stamps or create your own designs using rubber bands, Styrofoam, stencils, and more.

Wind Chimes & Mobiles

  • Combine lessons about balance, sound, weather, art, and more to create wind chimes or decorative mobiles out of craft supplies, recycled materials, and items from nature.


  • Make and take a variety of different simple puppets. Finger puppets, sock puppets, shadow puppets, so many possibilities.

Paper Mache & Decoupage

  • Using either a flour paste or glue, use strips of newspaper and gift wrap to cover a form and create a bowl or ball. Items will need to finish drying at home overnight.


  • Experiment with color and texture through weaving papers together or by weaving yarn on a basic cardboard loom.

And more - Please ask. Contact us at TheCuriosityPath@gmail.com to learn more. To register, fill out the Outreach form.