Please enjoy these free project sheets.

Make a Paper Box instructions 2020.pdf

Origami Box

Print this PDF file as 2-sided, flip on the long edge for a self-teaching origami activity.

Instructions are numbered and color coded and should appear as you are ready for the next step.

When finished, you should have a five-sided paper box handy for holding dry snacks while traveling, recyclable scraps while crafting, or small items while sorting.

Unlike traditional origami that uses a square sheet of paper, this design needs a rectangle sheet, as the extra section creates the flap that keeps the corner triangles in place.

Make a Paper Booklet instructions 2020.pdf

Kirigami Book

Print this 1-sided PDF file for a self-teaching kirigami activity.

Instructions are numbered and color coded, appearing in the booklet you will create.

When finished, you should have an eight-page booklet handy for taking notes, sketching, compiling a shopping list, or collecting autographs. Unfold and refold inside-out for a second booklet surprise.

Unlike traditional origami, kirigami includes cutting. In this booklet, you can make the cut with scissors or simply tear along the fold line.

Birthday Psychic Cards.pdf

Birthday Psychic Trick

Print this 1-sided PDF file to use during The Science of Magic class, to be able to amaze your audience with your number-guessing abilities.

Playing Krypto.pdf

Playing Krypto

This is a mental math game that I learned in junior high. If my class finished our daily lesson a little early, we would play from the blackboard. I'm told that it is also a card game, but it can be played anywhere you can write down six numbers.