Nomination to membership

1) Criteria:

  • For the Affiliate Circle--interest in research, and support of Sigma Xi's mission.
  • For Associate membership--potential for research excellence, as shown by participation in a research symposium and/or a publication.
  • For Full membership--demonstrated research capability, as shown by at least two publications in refereed journals as a major author.

2) To apply for membership through the Chapter, please access the appropriate application form here:

Membership (fillable) Affiliate Circle

Please send your completed form by e-mail, to the President (arl3 {a~t} and the Treasurer (reedch {a~t}, with a statement of nomination from an active member, and a copy of the nominee's CV. For student nominations, a brief paragraph from the student's research sponsor (need not be the nominator), attesting to the student's potential and accomplishments, will suffice.

3) Completion: the membership application and qualifications will be reviewed by the Chapter Board at its next meeting. If approved, the candidate will receive a welcoming email, requesting payment of Sigma Xi dues ($40 for students, $125 for non-student Full and Associate members, $55 for Transitional members). On receipt of payment, the application, dues, and $20 initiation fee (paid by the Chapter) will be forwarded to Sigma Xi Headquarters.

Please nominate a new member to Sigma Xi. Membership honors excellence in and support of scientific research. New members whose nominations have been approved by the Chapter Board will be dinner guests of the Chapter at the Annual Meeting in May.

• If you already are an active member of Sigma Xi and have recently moved to the Portland area, please consider affiliating with this chapter. Contact .

• If your membership has lapsed, please renew, to support the Chapter and Sigma Xi. Contact National dues are $125 for regular members and $40 for students. The Chapter's annual dues are $10, waived during the first year of membership.

• Sigma Xi C-W is a multi-institutional chapter, with members from local academic institutions, government, and industry. We welcome new members for the board. Please send expressions of interest to the chapter President, Linda Mantel, at crablady {a~t} .

Sigma Xi chapters and individuals are encouraged to nominate students who don't qualify for associate membership to the Sigma Xi Affiliate Circle as a first step in their professional careers. The Affiliate Circle is also open to anyone who supports research and Sigma Xi's mission. Learn more about the Affiliate Circle.