Mellor Family

Moses Mellor (1812-1879)       Arabella Mellor (nee Clarke)         Arabella Mellor (1835-1895)      Aaron Mellor (1845-1921)

The Mellor Family came from Derbyshire and moved to Nottingham in the early 1800s.  The earliest ancestor traced so far is Moses Mellor who was born in Holbrook, Derbyshire in 1812.  He married Arabella Ridghill Wood in Nottingham in 1834 and they settled in The Meadows area in the centre of Nottingham where Moses set up his own factory.

Surnames linked through marriage to the MELLOR family include


Also:  Lewin, Woodward, Rowland, Richardson, Williamson, Edwards, Olive, Lee, Wright, Dean, Knight, Wilson, Sims, Clarke, Buckland, Toynbee, McDougall, Penrose, Kassner, Hawkesworth, Uffen, White, Diaper, Smith, Yeoman, MacGillivray, Silcock, Cowan, Cross, Hay, Hughes, Bidwell, Johnson, Fullerton, Frost, Shelton, Greenwood, Green, Hickling, Gregory, Winterbotham, Blamey, Kent, Barker, Towle, Hood, Carlin, Goodwin, Bagshawe, Kennedy, Raynor, Beadall, Gimson, Brettle, Proctor, Stevans, Scampton, Cotterill, Walker, Musgrove, Molotoks, King, Moseley, Gilhait, Atkins, Sherra, Guttridge, Statham, Wesson, Selby, Spence, Sallis, Storer, Middleton, Woolley, Pike, Newbold, Birch, Armstrong, Benson, Baxter, Dunne, Allen, Parkinson, Papacristophorou

An engraved plaque believed to be attached to the factory  of Moses Mellor and Sons in Nottingham

"Portrait of Mr Moses Mellor who established the present business in 1845-6.  Pioneer of the Power Knitting Machine both Rotary and Circular Loop Wheel and Gold Medallist at 1862 Exhibition."

The Moses Mellor Circular Knitting Frame

Moses Mellor circular machine

Moses Mellor took out patents for improvements and new machine designs for Circular Knitting Frames.  The photograph above shows a loop-wheel circular frame for making ribbed socks.  Moses Mellor was apprenticed as a framesmith, age 15, to George Robinson of Woolpack Lane, Nottingham.  He worked as a framesmith for 21 years until setting up in business as a Hosiery Machine Builder.  Moses Mellor and G Blackburn & Co (initially known as Attenborough and Mellor & Co), was founded in 1844 Nottingham.  The firm later became Moses Mellor & Sons and was originally sited at Lee Works, Arkwright Street, Nottingham.

Moses Mellor committed suicide on 6 September 1879.  He hung himself from a beam in his bedroom.  The circumstances was reported in the local newspapers at the time.
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