Sunday School

For ages 4 and up. We meet in the Hall at 9:50am, before the service begins, then join with the rest of the parish in the Church at 10:30am.

For more information please contact the Parish Administrator Carolyn Jenkins

Sunday School News

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Anyone interested in talking and collaborating with the Kindergarten through 6th grade Sunday School Program Revitalization Core Planning Committee and Project Team to actively help in revitalizing, redefining and redesigning program vision, mission, objectives, critical success factors [CSFs], and needs, and from these milestone work products, a baseline program foundation, context and building blocks, please contact Rev. John Clarke at 902-892-1691 or, Jeff Cofran at 902-394-0756 or, or the St. Paul’s office at 902-892-1691 or

WE WANT YOU! WE NEED YOU and YOUR VOICES and THOUGHTS! With YOUR consistent and valuable input and collaboration from beginning (vision, mission, objectives, CSFs, needs, etc.) to end (implementation rollout of the final products) of the project life-cycle, this program will be reconstructed/readapted and reimplemented so that it will FIT elementary school age PARISH CHILDREN, and be enjoyable, sensitive, and consumable to and by THEM.

This FIT can only be reasonably achieved with YOU AS COLLABORATORS throughout the process end-to-end, acting as representatives and ombudspeople for YOUR CHILDREN of this age, while concurrently providing spiritual GROWTH, VALUE and FUN for all involved. All of this while singing God’s praises - THANKS BE TO GOD!