250 FOR 250

We have inherited and been entrusted with three beautiful and historical buildings. Our property requires repairs and renovations from time to time. A group of skilled experts (and parishioners) have identified the work that need to be address. The cost of the work will exceed $200,000 and a capital campaign is one way to raise the funds.

We are pleased to announce that the co-chairs of the capital campaign committee are:

· John Ives and George Likely

· David Mitchell is the honorary chair.

At the meeting with the Executive on this afternoon (June 16), George and John spoke of the great efforts the parish has put into getting our financial house in order over the last three years.

A plan for a capital campaign will be developed over the summer. We can expect a presentation (or report) at the September meeting of Parish Council.

John and George expect full support from the Parish Council members. Some of the Parish Council members will be asked to take on leadership roles (members might be contacted this summer).

Goal: $250,000

The case for support is strong and the likelihood of support from the parishioners thought to be high, given that the money will be used for things that need repair and renovation.

The Capital Campaign Committee will explore avenues of revenue:

- Governmental grants

- Church grants

- Investments

- Parishioners (current and past)

There will likely be an every member visitation seeking a pledge. The pledge period is yet to be determined.

Currently, the proposal is that the visitation will occur in one month, during which there are to be no other fund raising activities in the Parish. There is a possibility that it will happen in November 2015, but more likely to be in February or March 2016.

Building Renovations Update - October 2016

So far this repair season we have accomplished the following ;

  1. Bell tower is completely painted.
  2. Front windows over entrance to the Church painted
  3. All remaining eaves have been painted
  4. Basement windows replaced and sealed
  5. ventilation system installed
  6. Large window in hall fully repaired
  7. Roof on Rectory repaired and shingled
  8. Garage floor repaired

To be completed prior to year end;

  1. Parking lot to be repaired and paved
  2. eavestroughing replaced on Rectory
  3. Steps to parking lot off hall repaired and replaced

250 for 250

The Capital Campaign

A Work Update - October 2017

In 2017, $96,500 will have been spent, on the following:

All the eavestrough on both the church-building and the hall were replaced. The plan was to only do the church-building this year but due to the availability of the contractor we decided to have the hall done as well ($35,000). While replacing the eavestrough, two small sections of fascia were rotten and replaced ($2,500).

The front entrance of the hall was repaired ($32,000) and a stone hardening coating will be applied in the spring of 2018.

Two abutments were repaired at the front of the church-building ($20,000).

The flashing and caps on all the chimneys were done ($7,000).

Your continued support of the 250 for 250 Capital Campaign is greatly appreciated. Individual donors will be receiving a pledge update statement in late October showing the status of their original pledges. If you have any questions about the status of your pledge or if your personal circumstances have changed, then please contact the Parish Office and revisions can be made to the original pledge amounts.


250 for 250 Campaign Update

On October 04 we kicked off the 250 for 250 Capital Campaign.

To all the people who have contributed to the 250 for 250 Campaign, THANK YOU! Our campaign is currently at $338,270.

Today marks the formal end to the eight-week campaign however to all the people who have received the campaign information, and who would like to make a donation, the campaign is still open.

At this time, we want to acknowledge and thank the volunteers who made this campaign happen:

Honorary Chair: David Mitchell

Co Chairs: John Ives, George Likely

Steering Committee: Ven. John Clarke, Tom DeBlois, Jennifer Fernandes, Laura Bird

Co Chairs Mission Phase: Sarah & David Vos, Susan & Doug Tweel

Spire Construction: George Scantlebury

Financial Advisors: Bruce White, Ab Ferris

Visitors Heritage/Restoration Phase:

Judy and Ken Campbell

Joel Ives

Bob Moffatt

Jim McEachern

Richard Farmer

Gord Miller

Wayne Birch

Phone Callers Mission Phase: Dotty Affleck, Keith Mullins

If you haven't seen the Campaign brochure, please pick one up at the back of the church, or

click here.

250 for 250: The 250 Campaign

If you have any questions, please speak with someone on the campaign steering committee: Co-Chairs: George Likely, and John Ives; Jennifer Fernandes, Ven. John Clarke, Laura Bird.

To date we have pledged (as of Jan. 26, 2016): $375,056

The active (asking) part of the Capital Campaign draws to a close November 29. Now, for those who made pledges, please remember to honour your pledge. And thank you so very much.

Thank you to the members of the parish that have already given and that continue to give through their pledges to the 250 Campaign. There has been a total of $30,395.70 collected in 2016, reflecting both gifts and pledges, bringing the total dollars received to date to $113,028.03. An update showing the status for individual pledges will be provided to parish members in the fall.

To download the Capital Campaign Brochure Click this cover: