About Us


Rev. John Miels is the pastor at St. Paul Lutheran Church. He is a 2010 graduate of Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Barb Ohlemann, St. Pauls' secretary staffs the Church office Tuesday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

We Believe & Teach...

that the Triune God...Father, Son, and Holy Spirit...is the one true God.

that the Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God.

that all people are by nature evil and spiritually dead, unable to please God or save themselves.

that Jesus Christ is true God and Savior of the world, and that whoever believes in Him has everlasting life.

that the Holy Spirit makes us "alive" and able to believe in Jesus and able to live in faith for Him who died for us.

that Jesus Christ will return visibly at the end of the world and all believers will then reign with Him in heaven forever.

that we are to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to make disciples of all the nations, and

that we are to show the love of Jesus in all our dealings, for without love, nothing else matters (cf 1 Corinthians 13).

If you have no church home, we invite you to inquire about membership!

St. Paul Lutheran is located 1 mile east of Cumberland on hwy. 48 toward Rice Lake.