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Family Ministry at St. Paul Lutheran Church

Dear Friends in Christ,

Real. Present. God.

That’s the theme for the National Youth Gathering taking place next summer: an event where thousands of students will gather to celebrate and worship under one (huge) roof.

God is real; God is present. In the Old Testament, God showed himself as a pillar of fire and a pillar of cloud. He rumbled over a mountain top. His people saw, felt, and heard his presence. In the New Testament, God became a little baby. The power and glory of God came to our level as a tiny, helpless infant. He grew up, taught people, and healed them. People saw, felt, and heard his presence.

We live in post-Bible times. Is God still present? You bet! We can see, feel, and hear the presence of God: in his Word, the Bible, by drinking wine and tasting bread, and by feeling the waters of Baptism. We are in communion with God and he makes us His own children!

Real. Present. God. 

Praise Him!

Blessings in Christ,

Christian Education classes have begun! Registration is still open for Wednesday School and Sunday School. Come join us once a week for engaging Bible learning, snacks, and fun! Forms can be picked up and dropped off at the bulletin board outside the church library.
Volunteers Needed: We can always use healthy snacks or treats for Wednesday School. Do you have a special talent, skill, or testimony to share? Consider joining us for a Wednesday School closing session (half hour or less) to share with us!
The National Youth Gathering takes place next summer, July 2019. Registration has started, and there is still time to join us. If you are a high school student or eighth grade student this year and would like to attend, contact the church office.
Thrivent Action Dollars Do you have a Thrivent Financial account? If so, you may be able to apply for Thrivent Action Team dollars, which can be used to support a St. Paul event, program, church resources, or children’s Bible books. Contact Hannah.