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The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Preschool & Child Care

743 22-1/2 Avenue, Cumberland, WI

Area Code 715; Office 822-8690; FAX 822-5018

Web; E-Mail: spc100@ centurytel. net

Pastor: John Miels, jmiels89@gmail.comt

Secretary: Barb Ohlemann (Tue-Fri, 8-1)

Preschool Director; Gretchen Frendt (822-8404)



The Joy of Lutheranism


    What people need to understand is that doctrine is not obscure, not all that hard to understand. Doctrine is simply teaching, and it's the teaching about Christ, and the teaching by Christ. It's to know the true God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, One God in three persons. It's to know Christ, God's eternally begotten Son, who was born of the Virgin Mary, and whose death is the payment for our sins, and whose bodily resurrection is our hope for the future. God wants all people to be saved, He has no joy or glory in damnation, even though hell is real, and not all are saved.

    The church is more than entertainment but is the very body of Christ. You, me, and Christ together. To enter into the church is to be baptized into Christ's body, to have sins forgiven, a birth from on high (John 3:5-7), a new genesis of ourselves. If it's our decision, then it's nothing really. But, instead, it's a birth from on high, the power of God at work through the very waters of creation. When our Lord said, "This is my body, this is my blood," He wasn't kidding around, He means what He says because we need more than symbols. Jesus is smart enough to know the term “symbol” and He doesn’t use the word “symbol” but uses the word “is”. We need bloodshed for forgiveness, as sanctified believers, we crave His presence, not in some cloudy, ghostly way, but bodily. Life is in the blood.  And it all happens by grace. There's nothing biblical about praying to saints. Or to the Virgin Mary for that matter. You simply won't find it anywhere in the scriptures. Not even alluded too. But the saints do indeed pray for us, the great cloud of witnesses and of course, Christ is our mediator and intercessor. “No one comes to the Father except through the Son.”

    Preaching and teaching Lutheranism is pure joy, for we never have to fit square pegs into round holes. There is in our faith a natural truth; it fits together, for it revolves around Christ, God's eternal Son, Mary's Son, our brother and Lord, our Emanuel and Savior. I appreciate Christians wherever I find them, but I thank God for the truth, so clearly true, in what we confess. What we have is pure gold, and it's what the world needs.

Pastor John


Your brother in Christ,

Pastor John