We are a Church whose life centers around the Eucharist which means "Giving Thanks." It is the greatest gift of our lives to be able to receive Jesus Christ every time we participate in the Mass. We are a people who centers our lives around the teachings of Jesus and His Way which is so profoundly expressed in the Scriptures! Our goal in life is to seek out and to follow in the path of Jesus.

Our Catholic Faith takes us through this journey by way of the Sacraments which truly clothes us, shelters us, comforts us, strengthens us together as a community of believers. It is a profound gift to belong to a community where we share with each other our life's journey, growing to be more and more like Christ!

RCIA is just that! We teach, we pray, we study and reflect with each other and with the grace of God, we become more fully aware of the depth and riches of the Catholic Faith. Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life for us, but we must know Him first, in order to live our life in Him. His story will fold into ours and together we seek the Kingdom of God, daily.

If there is an adult desiring to be confirmed or may need to prepare for Holy Communion, then RCIA invites you. There may be someone who has never been Baptized and who wants to learn about the Catholic Faith, RCIA invites you! Please know that you are most welcome to join our team.

Call Jill Page, RCIA Director, at 467-2106 or email her at faithformationsjs@gmail.com.