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The fossil record is unclear.

Did Neanderthal speak? Did he laugh, have music, feel love?

Did he interact with Homo sapiens or get killed by him in mortal combat or get pushed to extinction on less marginal lands?

This book answers some of those questions in a strongly researched fictional setting.

Now meet Strong Arms, leader of the clan.

Predator species have spite hardwired into their behavior.

Killing the competition before it grows up is always a good genetic strategy for any meat-eater.

Now, take one that’s smart, adaptive, and a consummate tool-user, and you have the makings for a conflict of monumental proportions.

It’s man versus Neanderthal in the mountains of Iberia. Only one will survive.

You may be surprised by which.

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“Refreshingly thought-provoking . . . Burgauer’s ability to portray the thoughts and feelings of Neanderthal man is excellent . . . Delicately and intricately wrought . . . an engrossing read . . . ”

          — D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review, February 2017

“ . . . a fascinating tale that takes readers deep into the prehistoric ages.  Steven Burgauer has a way of breathing life onto his pages.  His characters are three-dimensional.  Clans and their order of living, eating, as well as relationships were stunning.  I felt every emotion.”

          — Urban Book Reviews, Danielle Urban, January 21, 2017

“Most refreshing story of this era.  Shows the struggle to survive and how hard life changes the dynamics of a group.  This has been far more entertaining than the Clan of the cave bear.  This is one book I have already recommended to friends.”

          — Allen Lawrence, GoodReads Reviewer, December 28, 2016

“A marvelous blend of fact and fiction.  Much more could be said of this excellent piece of historical fiction, but suffice to say, it roundly deserves five stars for its unique ability to entertain as well as inform.  You will never look upon the cavemen in museum dioramas in quite the same way again.  Indeed, Burgauer’s vivid portrayal of day-to-day life back then — complete with bouts of anxiety, somnambulism, and even eroticism — make this novel breathe with an uncannily contemporary touch of reality.”

          — Publishers Daily Reviews, December 15, 2016


“ . . . the author has quite cleverly interweaved his narrative with a science lens to help us make sense of the Neanderthal’s actions . . . so the tag of science fiction/fantasy stands in this enjoyable tale.”

          — December 9, 2016, “The Book Reviewers” Full Media Ltd.

“A powerful, entertaining and thought-provoking novel, The Night of the Eleventh Sun, is a clear indication of Burgauer’s ability to bring a distinctive voice to multiple genres.  Deserving of a broad readership it is highly recommended.”

        — BookViral, January 6, 2017

Steven has filled a hole in this history buff’s knowledge that I didn’t realise existed.  Indeed, this form of writing that appeals simultaneously to fact and fiction readers is definitely Steven’s metier and I look forward to more of his brand of science fiction
        — January 27, 2017, Ani Johnson, The Book Bag (UK)