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Now available for purchase, Steven Burgauer's newest book: Flights for Freedom --- WW1 aerial combat as seen through the eyes of a courageous American pilot doing epic battle from behind the stick of a legendary, open-cockpit Sopwith Camel. Flights for Freedom is the third in a series of historical novels celebrating the bravery and determination of our unsung war heroes.

In the immortal words of Robert A. Heinlein, There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. This is a theme Steven Burgauer often picks up in his series of future-history science-fiction adventures. Not only do many of his writings incorporate libertarian themes, his books often delve deeply into economic theory and political philosophy. From invention to property rights to personal freedom and choice, these books follow the adventures of a space-faring family three centuries in the future. Steven ran for the United States Senate from Illinois on the Libertarian ticket, and he is a member and past director of the Libertarian Futurist Society.

After a long career as a stockbroker and mutual fund manager, Steven Burgauer turned to writing in the early 1990s. He has written several science fiction novels as well as an investment guide, a fictionalized story of Neanderthal's first encounter with man, and a well-received title based on the diaries of a World War II veteran THE ROAD TO WAR: DUTY & DRILL, COURAGE & CAPTURE . It is a riveting first-person account of a brave young man caught up in a cataclysmic World War. Publishers Daily Reviews says of it: Five-plus unequivocal stars . . . an extraordinary read that everyone should enjoy.

Some of his better known SF titles include The Grandfather Paradox, The Railguns of Luna, Moon Beam, and his most recent, SKULLCAP. Other books of his include The Night of the Eleventh Sun, a fictionalized story of Neanderthal’s first encounter with man, and The Wealth Builder’s Guide, an investment primer.

Of his book THE GRANDFATHER PARADOX, Publishers Daily Review says “In this brilliant science fiction adventure, veteran storyteller Steven Burgauer weaves an intricate narrative bristling with technological insights and historical detail. He spins a good old-fashioned space opera about a stranded trio of female clones, a man with a mission rooted in the past, and a sweeping journey across time and space to put an end to a genetic curse. Five stars to The Grandfather Paradox — a saga worth savoring, from beginning to end.”

Of his book Nazi Saboteurs on the Bayou, The Book Reviewers write: “An engaging, slow-burning wartime thriller with an epic feel and a large cast of characters.” Midwest Book Review writes: “In a war that rips apart entire worlds, who can truly be the winner? Add a dash of romance to the intrigue for a solid World War II thriller that’s intricate, frighteningly realistic, and hard to put down.”

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Steven is a member of the Society of Midland Authors and the Military Writers Society of America. His work is included in the recently published Dictionary of Midwestern Literature, Volume 2: Dimensions of the Midwestern Literary Imagination from the Indiana University Press, as well as the ALA's Librarian's Guide to Cyborgs, Aliens, and Sorcerers by Derek M. Buker. Steven has often been a speaker and panel member at public libraries and science fiction conventions all across the country. When he lived in Illinois, the State of Illinois Library included him in a select group of authors invited to the state’s Authors Day three years running.

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