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From the Anaerobic Digestion, to fermented food and human gut, I use my expertise in molecular biology, computation and microbiology to study the genomes, evolution and ecology of microbial populations through 'omics strategies

Associate Professor at the Department of Biology, University of Padova

Director of the Center for Innovative Biotechnologies (CRIBI), University of Padova

Via U. Bassi 58/b, 35121 Padova (Italy); tel +39 0498276306

Recently published papers

L Erijman, S Campanaro, C Etchebehere, MBA Varesche. Meta-omic Approaches to the Complex Anaerobic Communities in Wastewater Treatment Plants and Digesters. 2021 Frontiers in Microbiology 12, 1059

N Duan, PG Kougias, S Campanaro, L Treu, I Angelidaki. Evolution of the microbial community structure in biogas reactors inoculated with seeds from different origin. 2021 Science of The Total Environment 773, 144981

Basile A, De Pascale F, Bianca F, Alessandro Rossi, Frizzarin M, De Bernardini N, Bosaro M, Baldisseri A, Antoniali P, Lopreiato R, Treu L, Campanaro S. Large-scale sequencing and comparative analysis of oenological Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains supported by nanopore refinement of key genomes. 2021 Food Microbiology 97, 103753

Nikoloudaki O, Lemos Wilson JF, Campanaro S, Di Cagno R, Gobbetti M. Role prediction of Gram-negative species in the resistome of raw cow’s milk. International Journal of Food Microbiology, Jan 2021

Campanaro S, Treu L,Rodriguez-R LM, Kovalovszki A, Ziels RM, Maus I, Zhu X, Kougias PG, Basile A, Luo G, Schlüter A, Konstantinidis KT, Angelidaki I. New insights from the biogas microbiome by comprehensive genome-resolved metagenomics of nearly 1600 species originating from multiple anaerobic digesters Biotechnology for Biof 2020; 13:25.

Basile A, Campanaro S, Kovalovszki A, Zampieri G, Rossi A, Angelidaki I, Valle G, Treu L. Revealing metabolic mechanisms of interaction in the anaerobic digestion microbiome by flux balance analysis. Metabolic Engineering 2020; 62, 138-149

RESEARCH DISSEMINATION (ITALIAN): check the new paper published by Maria Giovanna Romanelli on "oggiscienza"

Un nuovo database per i batteri dei bioreattori

Check our new biogasmicrobiome web site containing hundreds of biogas microbial genomes extracted from the biogas microbial community by using a new binning strategy! Accepted for publication in "Biotechnology for Biofuels".

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Main research topics

Metagenomic analysis of methane-producing bioreactors.

Research activity is focused on analysis of the microbial community and its modification in response to variation of the substrates and foaming. The aim of the project is to improve renewable energy production (biogas) production from pig manure (READ MORE). In collaboration with Angelidaki I. of the DTU Environment (University of Copenhagen).

Genome sequencing and gene expression analysis of environmental Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains.

This research topic is focused on the dissection of relevant phenotypic (alcoholic fermentation rate, SO2 resistance) using genomic approaces like RNA-seq and genome sequencing (READ MORE). In collaboration with Corich V. and Giacomini A. of the DAFNAE Department (University of Padova).

FSE project - Development of new enological starters to improve the peculiar characters of the Venetian wines (READ MORE).

Analysis of bacteria and archea isolated from extreme environments (cold adaptation - READ MORE in collaboration with Cavicchioli R. of the UNSW University) (deep-sea adaptation - READ MORE in collaboration with Bartlett D. of the SCRIPPS Institution of oceanography).

Read more details on research activity in my Research activity page.

keywords: Biogas, Anaerobic digestion, Metagenomics, Methanogenic archaea, Bioreactors, 16S rRNA, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Vineyard strains, Winemaking, Alcoholic fermentation, Gene expression, Genome sequencing, RNA-sequencing, Methanogens