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Notebox Disorganizer IIe.

ND2e is a spreadsheet-style note collection program for Windows 95-98-ME-2000-XP and, probably, later versions.

I no longer do any actual *writing* in Microsoft Word (although I still use it as an editing machine, naturally). Instead, I write in NoteBox Disorganizer, which is tailor-made for quickly jotting down notes and ideas, organizing those notes and ideas, combining selected notes into a document, and exporting that document for publication. It's truly my favorite writing program, and I've tried pretty much everything out there. —The Editorium

  • See a screenshot.
  • Download the application, including what passes for documentation (in text (.txt) and Notebox (.nbx) formats), and some sample files (with very old dates in them) for your edification and inspiration. (The sample files are provided courtesy of, well, The Editorium, who were apparently somewhat pained that I hadn't included any. :) )
  • Download the source code, which is written in Delphi (Object Pascal).

ND2e was last changed — have you got something against stability? — 7 Nov 2007.

Note: Notebox Disorganizer does not include spellchecking. You could try TinySpell as a workaround. Tip of the hat to Jess Harpur for pointing this out to me!

Notebox Mismanager.

Approximately Notebox Disorganizer for Linux, but plain-text only and with more rough edges. You could call it a beta version, but I haven't gotten any crash reports. Visit its page on SourceForge for all the grotty details, or download:

These are off-site files, so click rather than right-click-and-save...

To compile the source code you'll need Kylix 3, the Open Edition of which WAS available free from Borland's Kylix Download Page, but which has disappeared. I'm (still) plinking away at a C++/Qt4 version of NBMM for this reason.

NBMM was last changed 13 May 2007, but even works on the 64-bit Ubuntu 10.10 I'm running now, at least with the ia32-libs compatibility package installed.

Update! NBMM also runs on 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04, but with a hitch: at least as of 4 May 2012, Ubuntu's new ia32-libs-multiarch package does not install the 32-bit version of libjpeg62 -- the absence of which will prevent Mismanager from running even though it doesn't know what a jpeg is, and indeed produce a completely incorrect error message if you run it from the command line. Hie thee to said command line and do a sudo apt-get install libjpeg62:i386 to solve this problem.

Note: Notebox Mismanager does not include spellchecking. You could try Kisa as a workaround.


KwanQuo is an esoteric advice program for story-writers based on the Declarations of Insurmountable Opportunity — a set of not-entirely-cryptic statements to contemplate in the event of one's creativity, specifically in the area of fiction, hanging fire.

Try the JavaScript version to see if it floats your boat.

If you like it you try one of these non-browser-dependent versions:

All KwanQuo files include the application and its source code.