Quick Reference Guide


This guide provides general information for club members and does not replace your need to know the club By Laws, state/federal game laws, club policies or individual hunting procedures.

1.  All club members are required to sign the release of liability form for each contract prior to hunting.

2.  There is no camping or open fires permitted on club leased properties

3.  Guests are not permitted to hunt during the first week of organized hunting unless previously approved by the Steering Committee.  New members are in Probation the first year of their membership; probationary members may not bring guests other than their immediate family members. 

4.  Members are permitted on club leased land throughout the year as long as they are accomplishing club or hunting related activities.

5.  A shooting range is available on Vaden North.  Clean up your brass and targets.  Shooting is permitted outside of hunting seasons and on Sundays during hunting season as long as no one is tagged into Vaden North for hunting.

6.  All club property is posted.  You are required to carry a club membership card while on the property.  If you have a guest with you outside of hunting season, you/they must have a guest permit.  If you bring a guest to still hunt, they must sign the release of liability and have a signed guest card.   Non-hunting guests must be listed on your Non-hunting guest card any time they are on club property.

7.  All deer will be logged into the DMAP book on the date the deer is taken/recovered.  DMAP requires us to log the weight, measure antlers, check for sloughing hooves and pull the jawbone of each deer taken.  This information will be logged in by the shooter prior to leaving the property on the day of the take/recovery.   The jaw bone will be tagged with the information from the log book and left in the DMAP box on the day of the take/recovery.  If you are unsure of these procedures, get with an experienced member who will show you what needs to be done. 

8. During organized hunts, deer will be divided and distributed per the by laws.  At the end of the hunt, successful hunters will turn in their licenses in to the hunt master/DMAP coordinator.  Your license will be returned to you after your deer is checked and the jaw bone is tagged and presented to the DMAP coordinator.   

9.  Food/salt baiting and the use of scents/lures that contain natural deer urine or other bodily fluid are not permitted in Virginia.  All food/salt must be removed NLT the end of August each year.  The counties we currently hunt do not permit center fire rifles for big game hunting.  You may use shot gun slugs during organized drives if you are elevated at least 10 feet in a tree stand.   Otherwise, use buckshot. 

10.  New Kent County requires you to be 100 yards off of a main road to hunt.  Do not have a loaded weapon within 100 yards of a hard surface/state road.

11.  Tag your area for individual/still hunting (see Individual Hunting Procedures).  Personal stands are permitted to be place on club property. 

12.  Locks are push-pull.  Squeeze the hasp towards the lock body, then pull to release.  Do NOT beat on the locks or use oil/WD40 on them.  Hang locks on the chain or post, don’t put them on the ground.