Property Managers Guide

8 August 2008

Objective:  To prepare your property for a safe hunt prior to opening day of the bow season.  These guidelines are simply that; there is no intent to micro-manage your efforts.  Accomplish the objective as you see fit.  See the Heavy Maintenance Guidelines so that efforts are not duplicated.


  1. Repair tree stands, check for the following:
    1. Rotten Wood:  replace wood as needed.
    2. Tighten or replace wire.
    3. Protruding nails and loose boards.
    4. Secure tree stands to the ground with stakes.
    5. Trim branches from tree at least 7’ above the platform for visibility.
  2. Replace tree stands that are not repairable; new stands if available are located at Greene’s cabin
  3. Relocate tree and ground stands that are too close, recommend 100 yards separation unless some natural barrier separates the stands, such as a hill.
  4. Placard and double tape stand locations.  Recommend that the taping be done in he fall, since most of the tape is biodegradable.
  5. Shooting lanes should be cleared or cut to give the hunter a chance to identify and size the game before the shot.
  6. All nails driven into trees for placarding shall b aluminum nails.
  7. Move tree stands from dead trees to live ones. 

Roads and Trails:

  1. Clear roads of obstructions and overhanging branches.  The objective is to allow the operator of a tractor bush hog easy access.  Note:  the road crew will cut side growth from the roads 5 – 6’ in height.
  2. Clear stand trails of obstructions, overhanging branches, and side growth.  The objective is to widen these trails to at lest 4 – 5’, allowing the operator of a 4 wheeler/portable bush hog easy access.  This will also expedite removal of game.  Placard and single tape trails as needed.  Triple tape trail intersections as needed.
  3. Foot trails:  clear foot trails of all growth and obstructions, cut as needed to allow the hunter access to the stand.  Placard and tape the trails as needed.
  4. Install bridges; repair existing as needed.
  5. Cut small trees and brush as close to the ground as possible with no sharp points for safety and ATV tires. 


  1. Post the property on all sides unless we lease the adjoining property.  Place a posted sign every 100 yards or less.
  2. Clear branches and vines away from existing posted signs. 


  1. Pick up trash on the way in and way out.  Keep the leased property clean. 


  1. Make a schedule and inform your helpers of the schedule, time and place.  Give them the opportunity to work the required three days or more. 

Record Keeping:

  1. Keep a record of attendance.  Full day, half day, ect.
  2. Keep track of what is done and what needs to be done.
  3. Project the number of stands that will be needed for the next year.
  4. Make changes to your property map that reflect a tree stand or ground stand, stands added or number change.
  5. The club has number projects that need to be done.  If you and your helpers haven’t used the three full days, please let me know so that you can help with other projects. 

Reporting to the President:

  1. Request materials needed, tape, wire, nails, lumber, placards, ect.
  2. Inform him of any situation you can’t solve yourself.
  3. Inform him when your property is ready for the hunt.
  4. Turn in the corrected map, work party attendance record, and projected number of stands needed prior to 15 October.  This allows time to print the most current and correct map for the fall season.


Thanks for volunteering.  Your efforts are appreciated.