Procedures for Individual Hunting


Procedures for Individual Hunting


Procedures For Individual Hunting                                                                    Revised  AUGUST 2015


All HuntersDuring any Big Game or Waterfowl season, including Spring Turkey and Spring Waterfowl seasons, the following rules and guidelines apply.  Small game hunters outside of big game seasons are exempt from these procedures.


Still hunting is permitted during Archery and Muzzleloader seasons.  Still hunting is also permitted in any county during the Regular Gun season on any day or county that the club is not having and organized drive.




NEW THIS SEASON:   The possession or use of deer lures that contain natural deer urine or other bodily fluids used for the purposes of taking, attempting to take, attracting, or scouting wildlife in Virginia will no longer be legal.


1. Post your name tag on the tag board prior to entering your hunting area. Members AND guests must be present for their tag to be placed on the board. Tags must be removed when the member/guest leaves the area or when the hunt is over. Tags will not be left overnight or anytime a member leaves the area for more than an hour.  Waterfowl hunters approaching properties for hunting from the water do not need to used the tag board (River Pine Only), but will abide by first come first select when occupying waterfowl blinds.

   a. Maps are located inside or at the trail cable or gates at the following properties:

New Kent: South Vaidens, North Vaidens, Cable Rd, Walls Rd, Greene’s Rd, Road #2, and the shared Laf-a-lot Rd.

King and Queen: Lumpkin Rest Road, Pleasant Retreat 600 side, Pleasant Retreat 612 side.

King and Queen (River Pine):  Entrance to property off Lime House Rd.


2. The Following Guidelines Apply:

   a. Early morning big game hunters will not depart from the tag board area until 5:00 AM. Hunting areas are selected/tagged on a first come first select basis. Hunters arriving after the early departure time can select any unposted area. Two or more hunters may hunt the same area upon mutual agreement of all the hunters.

  b.  Stay in your posted area. Do not cross over into another area to change your hunting location without moving your

name on the tag board. You may enter another area if following a blood trail to retrieve your game. Please wear Orange

for your own safety when walking through the woods.    NOTE! Another hunter may cross your area on a stand line or road to gain access to his posted area.

  c. If you drive to your hunting area, park your vehicle in your area. Don’t block roads.  Be courteous, don’t traverse other posted areas during peak hunting periods (+/- 1 ½ hours around sunrise/sunset)

  d. Privately owned stands are for the use of the stand owner, however, other hunters tagging an area may use any

stand in the area as long as good sportsmanship and courtesy is observed. Do not leave trash, tobacco products or

any other items that will preclude game from frequenting the area. Private stands will be marked with the owners name

and phone number. The name and phone number will be on the ladder rung closest to the 5ft. level.

  e. Hunters bringing guests must ensure the guest has all required licenses and is legal to hunt. The guest name(s)

must be entered into the guest list in the DMAP book prior to the hunt. Each guest must carry a permission slip

signed and dated by the guest and member. The permission slips are in the DMAP boxes. Fees must be turned in

no later than one week after the hunt. Any small game guest fees will be turned in no later than one week after the hunt.

  f. All deer must be checked in the DMAP book the day the game was taken or recovered.

 g. There is no requirement to post tags when big game or waterfowl seasons are not in. Post a tag if you wish. However, work parties, ECT. Will continue as scheduled.

 h.  Deer sex, weight and antler restrictions are per state law and the Sportsman Hunt Club of NK County LLC Bylaws.

  m.  NOTE:   Hunter Orange rules apply during muzzleloader season


SAFETY, COMMON SENSE AND COURTESY will help make a successful hunt. If you have an issue you cannot resolve, please contact the club president.