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SKy BioFoundry

SKy BioFoundry, Sungkyunkwan University (Director: Prof. Han Min Woo) 
스카이 바이오파운드리, 성균관대학교
A member of the Global Biofoundry Alliance

(1) Building a robust engineering, synthetic biology
(2) Accelerating the commercialization of engineering, synthetic biology, and biomanufacturing
(3) Establishing bio-design rules for efficient reprogramming of living cells for biotechnology and biomedical applications.
(4) Understanding the fundamental insights into the complexity of living systems.

(1) CRISPR-Cas associated Genome engineering of bacterial systems (e.g. E. coli, Coryebacterium glutamicum, etc.)
(2) CISPR-Cas associated synthetic DNA assembly for bacterial systems

Capabilities - Integrative Design-Build-Test-Learn
Automated gene cloning - including DNA assembly
Automated bacterial transformations
Automated bacterial colony selections
CRISPR-Cas Database
High-throughput Bacterial Cultivation
RoboALE: Robotics-assisted Adaptive Laboratory Evolution 

Contact: +82-31-290-7808, SkyBiofoundry@gmail.com, hmwoo@g.skku.edu
Collaboration, Tech-Transfer, CRO, CMO ask for the facility charge; hmwoo@g.skku.edu
Joining and working at the SKy Biofoundry: ask to hmwoo@g.skku.edu