2016-17 Scholarship Recipients

2016-17 Recipients

2016-2017 new scholarship recipients at the SJSU Alumni Association Scholarship Reception

Veronica Alonzo, Cabrillo College transfer, majoring in Communications Studies

Janissa Banuelos, a freshman from Pajaro Valley High School, majoring in Psychology

Essy Barroso-Ramirez (Carol Coe Memorial Scholarship), Cabrillo College transfer, majoring in Health Sciences

Sierra Hernandez, a freshman from Watsonville High School, majoring in Radio, Television, and Film Studies

Kendra Kannegaard, Cabrillo College transfer, majoring in Theatre Arts.

Bo Zheng (Ben) Zhu, a freshman from San Lorenzo Valley High School, majoring in Industrial Studies.(not pictured)

In addition to this newest group of scholars, the Chapter is also supporting five students who qualified to renew their scholarships from previous years:

Michael Bois

Michael holds three associate degrees from Cabrillo College and is currently majoring in business management at SJSU. He cites his aunt as his inspiration for setting his high academic goals. He’s maintained an excellent academic record while working 30 hours per week since high school and was a member of Cabrillo’s honor society, Alpha Gamma Sigma. Michael is involved in Oddfellows and has participated in a U.N. pilgrimage.

Alondra Garcia-Garcia

Alondra is a linguistics major and her interest in languages is founded in her parents’ insistence that she learn both Spanish and English to retain her Mexican culture. She has earned a Certificate of Biliteracy. She volunteers at Jacob’s Heart, a nonprofit that helps the families of children with cancer, and is proud to be the first in her family to graduate college.

Xiaoyan Huang

Xiaoyan, a business major concentrating in accounting, plans to become a CPA. She emigrated from China three years ago and has made a successful, concerted effort to learn English and succeed in college. While at Cabrillo College, she tutored students and maintained a near-perfect GPA while working 20 hours per week.

Joel Meza

Joel is majoring in chemistry and plans to pursue a career in pharmacy. His decision to major in chemistry was influenced by seeing current medicine be unable to diagnose a loved one’s illness. Joel has served in his community and plans to make a difference in the world.

Melissa Tracy

Melissa is a Cabrillo College transfer student majoring in child and adolescent development with a minor in atypical child studies. Her choice of major was informed by her personal experience of being in foster care and knowing the challenges this brings to a child’s development. Melissa has extensive experience in working with children with developmental disabilities and will seek an M.A. in occupational therapy after earning her undergraduate degree.

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