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Photos - 2017

2017 Holiday Party and Silent Auction - December 7, 2017

Martinelli's Tour and Cider Tasting - October 11, 2017
Tony Robinson (chapter member) and Vice President of Sales and Marketing hosted 15 for a special apple juice tasting, tour or their new Country Store and storage facility, and hosted us for lunch and a presentation on the history and status of S Martinelli’s products.
Tony Giving us a tour


Company Store
In the Company Store
Cider Tasting

Elkhorn Slough Safari    - September 27, 2017
A beautiful day in Moss Landing.
Elkhorn Slough Safari Pontoon Boat

Elkhorn Slough Crew
A slew of slough view-ers!
Our naturalist counted 30 different avian species including Elegant terns, pelicans, grebes, snowy egrets, blue heron, cormorants and gulls.  (Did you know that a group of terns is a cotillion?)

We also saw sea lions and harbor seals, otters, cormorants.  

If you venture out to the Salinas River Beach, you might also see dolphins, whales, sea lions and otters.   

SJSU Alumni Night - Santa Cruz Warriors - January 14, 2017