Movement, action are one of the most significant characteristics of our time. We are so used to movement that it does not affect us, nor does it bother us. We live in a very fast time, more and more.

Now we imagine that we have never heard of remote control commands, or programmed washing machines, or keys and buttons to facilitate us every day life. We only have our hands, our physical strength, which is our tool to provoke movements.

I want to rediscover the emotion of causing movements, acting on matter with my hands and my strength. I want to rediscover the pleasure of touching, feeling and controlling the movement with my hands. Hands that touch to face an increasingly virtual world, in which it is very difficult for us to control.

Many times the word is the principle that moves me to make a sculpture. Playing with words I see the sculptures grow, it is like the same word would shape the object.

"Mono-mania"object: wood, textil, glass
"Viel-leicht"object: wood, textil
"Rea-firmar"object: wood, textil, glass
"Flügel"object: wood, textil
"Re-Corda"object: wood, textil
"Con- Fianza"object: wood, textil,glass
"Mani-Cura "object: wood, textil, glass
"Marca- Pasos"object: wood, textil, glass