De Variflorus 2015

De variflorus

I found a multitude of punched metal sheets in the junkyard. It was the residual waste of precision sheet metal for industry.

Fascinated by the same shape over and over again, I try to give each plate a uniqueness. After they have all spent together as a large mass in the junkyard, each tile is now different from the other, both in color and in shape. The possibilities are endless, every saw cut, every fold leads to new variations. The enamel increases the distinction and gives consistency to the three-dimensional bodies.

It's like a building block, a cell, which before my eyes reflects the building system of nature. At first I limit myself to single-celled organisms, but the sequence of “cells” soon results in complex multicellular organisms that remind me of carnivores or hydrophytes.


Constructed 1brooch; wood, enamel on steel
“seagull” broochSteel, enamel, wood
“earth and air”Steel, enamel, plastic, wood
Constructed 2brooch :wood, enamel on steel
Constructed 3wood, enamel on steel
“seagull with flower”necklace: Steel, silver, wood, piano piece