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"ROTULOS" is Spanish for "Sign maker." 
Based in Fuengirola, Costa del Sol, Spain.  Est. 1993. 
From the freezing drizzle of the UK > bus > hitch hiking > train > walking ~ 
 with a sleeping bag and a fistful of brushes. . and slept on the beach.
I did it my way.  

Well, coming by plane, staying in a hotel, having an employer to see,
would not be the same would it?
No adventure !!


Reclamee voor uw bedrijf - Mainonta yrityksesi - The publicite pour vos affaires -

Geschaft fur Werbung LHR - Reklame for din Forretning - The pubblicita per i Suoi affari







It was suggested once, that I get the printer to design AND print, and then 'add on' for me. 
That would make the menu too expensive - and not competitive.
- And I would have no control over the design.

e.g. What about corrections? I show you the draft menu. You want some prices changed. Or something added - (Almost usual) - So I have to go back to the printer and get him to do them. (more $ cost and time) - maybe another small change - back again - hanging about in the queue - 

If you have been to a printer / copyshop for your menu, you will know this.

i.e. For example - a printer can charge up to 25 e. per hour for designing it. Why not?
 (He has rent & staff & tax to pay) - plus, say, 35 e. to print. - so the bill could be 110 e.

On the other hand, I could charge 50 e. for the design & corrections - (No matter how long it took) 
For the printing, I get about a 30% discount because I am a 'regular' - 'in the trade' - 
so you get it for 50 + 20 = 70 e. all together - a saving of 40 e. = 36%

"Oh, I go to a printer and get it done properly!" - No comment. 

The printed menus on this site are a match for any printer.

July 27 2017 - Maybe I am telling you old news, but just in case I am not -

I have just designed/printed a sub-menu that details the allergies contained in the restaurant menu. 
You know - Sesame seeds, Peanut butter, Fish etc. that might make some people ill.
So, as in the picture below: "Cajun Chicken - 1", Go to "1" on the list, and we see it has Gluten in it.
There are 14 allergies in total. 

It's a directive from our old friend - the EU.
Whether it is legally binding or not, I do not know.
However, if you need one to suit your menu, please contact.