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Child-Centered Design: Integrating children’s rights and ethics, into the heart of the design process, Jul 2019

In: Donohue, C. (Ed.) Exploring key issues in early childhood and technology: Evolving perspectives and innovative approaches. New York: Routledge.

The digital revolution has shaken up many industries – from TV to transportation, from telecommunications to music, and this is just the beginning. Children-related industries are trying to catch-up, contemplating the design of new digital environments for kids, that would complement, enhance, and sometimes replace traditional media, toys, games, and learning activities. With changing business models, excitement for new technology capabilities, and warry yet enthusiastic responses from parents, we have seen the rise of a plethora of new products for kids. However, while focusing on novel tech and new business models, these products may neglect the core principles of design for children, that are critical to their development and well-being. This chapter looks at child-centered design principles: What are they? Why should we use them? Who should use them?

The ten principles of the Design for Children’s Guide are discussed, as part of the Designing for children’s rights initiative with UNICEF, as well as future work in this area.


Back to the Future: User Research as a Critical Tool for Novel Design, Feb. 2019

In: Einav, G. (Ed.) Digitized, West Yorkshire, UK: Emerald Publishing Limited.

Innovation is about creating new products, and new solutions, sometimes in ways people can’t even anticipate. Why is it then important to use user-centered design processes? What is the value and ROI of User Experience (UX)-based practices for entrepreneurs? And how can those be achieved?

This chapter introduces User Experience principles, their value add for innovation and the best practices for achieving them. Children-centric design examples are incorporated.


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