Community Acitivity

*Invited Speaker*

Designing UX for Kids: Trends & Constants, 2016
UX Salon Meetup, Google Campus, Tel-Aviv

Gamification & Digital Currency for kids - Digital Kids conference panel, 2016
ToyFair NYC, NY, USA

XX/UX Israel - Women in User Experience organization, 2015
LivePerson, Ra'anana, Israel

The Digital Sandbox: Research Perspectives on Technology for Young Children, 2015
The Open University of Israel, Israel

UX on Beer, 2015
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Digital Kids conference, 2014
ToyFair2014 Experts' summary "huddle" video

Games for Learning: Games 4 Change Israel, 2013
Rishon Letzioyon, Israel

Just Kidding 2013, Academic Conference on Design for Children
Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel

UPA 2011, Israel World Usability Day event, 
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Video SlideShare

Dust or Magic 2006
Lambertville, NJ, USA

IsraCHI 2004, Israel's SIG-CHI,
Herzlia, Israel 

Dust or Magic 2003
Lambertville, NJ, USA

*Academic Conferences Organizational Roles * 

Interaction Design & Children (IDC) conference, in collaboration with the ACM SIG-CHI
IDC 2015Boston, MA, USA, Short papers co-chair
IDC 2013NYC, NY, USA, Workshops co-chair & PR co-chair
IDC 2012Bremen, Germany, Workshops co-chair
IDC 2008Northwestern University, IL, USA, Posters and Demos Chair
IDC 2004, University of Maryland, MD, USA, Conference Partnership Chair

ACM SIG-CHI International conference on Human-Computer Interaction
CHI2015, Seoul, Korea, Associate Paper Chair in: Kids, Education, and Health

IsraHCI, Israeli conference in Human-Computer Interaction, in association with ACM SIG-CHI
IsraHCI 2013, 1st Israeli HCI conference, Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel, Conference co-chair Summary clip

Child-Computer Interaction Research community group, 2012 - Today
More than 800 members internationally
Founder and co-administrator

Conference Program Committees  & Paper reviewer*

Computer-Human Interaction (ACM-SIG-CHI) conference - since 2009
Interaction Design and Children (IDC) conference - since 2009
Interacting with Computers (Journal) - since 2011
IsraHCI conference - since 2012
Chais Conference for Innovation in Learning Technologies - since 2014
International Journal for Child-Computer Interaction - since 2014