Public Talks & Panels


"The TAG Play framework: 3 Ways Children Combine Digital and Tangible Play", Designing for Children Conference, IIT (Online) Bombay, India, 2021

"Children's UX & Technology", 20 Minute Leaders remote interview series with Michael Matias, Online, 2020

"Connecting Industry & Academia", Panel at the Interaction-Design & Children (IDC2020) conference, (Online) London, UK, 2020

"Voice Activated Play", Toy Fair NYC, New York, USA, 2020

Digital Play: Ethics and Children’s Rights”, Games for Change panel, Cinekid Conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2019

VR and AR Storytelling for Kids”, panel at the Children’s Media Conference, Sheffield, UK, 2019

(Digital) Play, Ethics, Child-Centered Design”, The Conference, Malmö, Sweden, 2018

Children as creators, not just consumers”, KidTECH conference, part of Casual Connect Europe 2018, London, UK, 2018

Digital Play: Ethics & Children’s Rights”, TECplay symposium, Erikson Institute, Chicago, USA, 2018

Children’s online Privacy by Design: Get the kids in the picture!”, D4CR Guide TALKOOT, co-sponsored by UNICEF, Helsinki, Finland, 2018

Next Generation of Play”, UX Salon Intl conference, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2017

VR for kids: A UX perspective”, Digital Kids conference, ToyFair NYC, USA, 2017

"Kids Deserve Privacy by Design Too". Children's Online Privacy consortioum, Israel's Internet Asscoiation (ISOC-IL), Te;-Aviv, 2016

Children’s UX”, UX Salon Meetup, Google Campus, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2016

Gamification & Digital currency for kids”, panel at Digital Kids conference, ToyFair NYC, USA, 2016

From Silicon Valley to Sesame Street: A Report’s journey”, XX/UX Israel – Women in UX Community–Keynote, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2015

Beyond Device Limits: Play in the Digital Era”, The Digital Sandbox: Research perspectives on technology for children, Open University, Israel, 2015

Children’s UX in 2015”, UX on Beer, Tel-Aviv, Israel 2015

Cross-Platform Marketing and Distribution with Toys and Apps”, Panel moderator at Digital Kids conference, In association with the NYC Toy Fair, 2014, NYC, NY, USA

Why play? Advantages of digital games for kids”, Games for Learning: Games for Change Israel, 2013, Rishon Letzioyon, Israel

Toddler and Tablets: Why is it such a success?”, Just Kidding , Academic Conference on Design for Children, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel 2013

Toddlers touching the future: Digital interfaces for young children”, UPA , Israel World Usability Day event, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2011

Children’s software classics: What we can learn from them”, Dust or Magic 2006, Digital Media for Children event, Lambertville, NJ, USA

Designing for Age-appropriate Usability”, IsraCHI 2004, Israel's ACM SIG-CHI, Herzlia, Israel