Consulting & Invited Talks

Shuli Gilutz works with global organizations and companies that design digital experiences for children and families. She offers UX research, design, and strategic product consulting, as well as workshops and talks.

👉For more info contact via LinkedIn , Twitter, or shulig [at]

Clients include:

Tiny Love
Beam by Eyeclick
Bookful by Inception XR
Tiny Tap
Toca Boca
TikTalk 2 You
YES satellite
Sensical by Common Sense Networks

Talks & Workshops

  • User Experience (UX) Design for Kids

  • Digital Toys

  • Designing for Children's Rights

  • There is No Such Thing as Screentime

  • Trends & Constant in Children's Technology

  • AR & VR for Kids

  • Tech Tinkering: Children as creators (not just consumers)

  • Privacy by Design for Children

  • Play Today: What's really happening, and what should be done

  • UX Research: ROI & Methods

  • Design Research for (and with) Children

  • Educational Technology in Home & School

  • Beyond the Screen: Tech for Kids

  • Age-Appropriate Design

  • Gamification and Learning

  • How & Why the iPad Changed Childhood

  • Ethics in Design for Children & Families