Shuli Gilutz, Ph.D., specializes in research, assessment, and design of interactive environments for children.
Dr. Gilutz has been active in the fields of HCI/UX and media design for the past 15

years. She`s worked both in industry and academia in designing, managing, producing, and conducting research, in a variety of user experience (UX) settings.

In 2002 she co-authored the first report on Children`s Web Usability with Jakob Nielsen at the NN/g, and has since been focusing on young children's human-computer interaction, both in consulting and in her own research.

Dr. Gilutz is currently a researcher at The Knowledge Technology Lab at the School of Education, at Tel-Aviv University, and an instructor both at TAU and IDC Herzliya's School of Communications.

In addition, Dr. Gilutz is an instructor and mentor at MindCET's Educational Technology Start-up Accelerator program, and at the Open Education Challenge EU start-up accelerator. She is also part of Google Campus's UX experts mentors team. 

She earned a BA in Psychology and the Multidisciplinary Program of the Arts, from Tel-Aviv University, an MA from Stanford University`s Learning, Design and Technology program, and a PhD in Educational Psychology from Columbia University`s Teachers College.

 Contact: shulig [at]
 The Knowledge Technology Lab, School of Education, Tel-Aviv University, 69978 Israel