2015 Feature Car and Show

1964 Avanti owned by Jim & Kathleen Kistler

I have wanted an Avanti since seeing one when they were introduced in 1962. I was hoping to find an Avanti when I bought my black 1963 Gran Turisimo Hawk. After selling the Hawk and not having a Studebaker to drive for several years, I started looking for an Avanti. I located this car in Littleton, Colorado in 2009 and drove out and hauled it back to Ohio. It was a one-owner, mostly original car with 83,000 miles. The interior only needed carpet and the two bucket seats re-upholstered. All the mechanical and electrical systems needed repaired or rebuilt. However, there was no rust or corrosion on any metal parts. Since restoration I have driven over 10,000 miles. It always draws attention from spectators who know little about the car or its history.

Serial Number -------R5096 ---Last Serial Number --- R5653

1964 Production-----764, Total production with R/2 engine 281. (The low production was attributable to Studebaker closing South Bend plants in December, 1963)

Engine------------------ R/2 , 289 cu. in. Studebaker engine.

Fuel System----------Paxton centrifugal supercharger / Carter AFB carburetor. (Advertised 290 horse power)

Transmission---------Borg Warner 3-speed automatic. (Nearly identical to the Ford-o-matic used in the "60s)

Brakes------------------Bendix-Dunlop Disk in front, 11"drums in rear. (Same Disks used on Jaguars and other European cars of the era)

Body--------------------All Fiberglass ( body panels made in Ashtabula, Ohio, shipped to South Bend, Indiana for assembly)

Other features-------Factory rear axle traction bars, Anti-sway bars front and rear, Gabriel adjustable shocks, Factory installed Roll-Bar, standard ladies vanity mirror in glove box.

Andy Granatelli was responsible for up-dating the venerable Studebaker 289 engine. He changed cams, compression, ignition, fuel systems, and other changes which created the R/1-- standard 4-barrel engine, R/2 -- supercharged 4-barrel engine, R/3 -- supercharged 304 cu. in. hand built, ultra high performance engine. (These stock R/3 engines are running in the 11 second brackets at the Pure Stock Muscle Car Drags).