2013 Feature Car, Flyer and Photos

1958 BMW Isetta - Jack Hanes, New Wilmington, Pa

Jack has owned this car for 35 years. It is original except for the paint and chrome. Jack saw the car advertised in the Shopper in Meadville, Pa. It was purchased new in 1958 in Erie, Pa. The model was in production from 1955 – 1960. Jack's car has only 23,000 miles.

The Isetta is a rear engine, solid axle car with no differential. The 290cc, one-cylinder, 13 hp motor, air-cooled (fan) motor will cruise at 45 mph with a top speed of 53 mph on 10” tires utilizing a 4-speed manual transmission.

Download the 2013 Father's Day Car Show flyer below.