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This is the home of the Shelton State Community College digital archives.  The site is maintained by staff of the Shelton State Libraries.  The goal is to create a home for digitized ephemera that is important to the history of this school, including photographs of campus scenes, events, buildings, and people as well as important documents.

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The Public Relations Office of Shelton State Community College maintains an archive of PR releases dating from 2006.


Selected Historical Images

         This building on Greensboro Avenue was home to the college from
         August 1974 to June 1977.

The J. P. Shelton Technical Institute
located on Veterans Memorial Parkway
operated for nearly 44 years
from October 1953 to August 1997.

              Shelton State Community College, Skyland Blvd. Campus, Tuscaloosa, AL.                                              Opened June 1977.  Closed August 1997.

The C.A. Fredd State Technical College
opened in October 1965 and has operated
continually to the present.  
Located on Martin Luther King Blvd. in West End,
the college was merged with Shelton State
Community College in 1993.

        Martin Campus construction of the East Wing (Library and Theatre Wing) of the college.                        Dec 2 1996.  Atrium frame is to the left.  View from back (courtyard) of building.

View of Skyland Blvd. Campus about 1980.

             Sign at the front of the Skyland Blvd. Campus
            about 1984.  Marque was used until the campus
            was closed in August 1997.

First building of the Skyland Blvd. Campus
about September 1977.

              Aerial view of the C.A. Fredd Campus, October 2008.
             Atrium dedicated on May 4 2006.

Aerial view of the Martin Campus shortly
after it was opened in August 1997.

Treasure of the Month Nov 2017:  The first issue of The Bucanote, an early student newspaper at the college during the mid-1990s.  To view the PDF, click here.

Treasure of the Month Dec 2017:  Photographs of the first campus location of the college, the Greensboro Avenue / Jemison School location from August 1974 - July 1977.  To view the photographs, click here

Treasure of the Month Jan 2018:  Copies of The Trade Master, the J.P. Shelton Technical College yearbook for the years 1956, 1957, 1958 and 1959.  To view the yearbooks, click here.

Treasure of the Month Feb 2018:  A copy of the C.A. Fredd State Technical College catalog for 1978.  To view the catalog, click here.

Treasure of the Month Mar 2018:  A copy of the Spring quarter Class Schedule (Mar 18 1975).

Treasure of the Month Apr 2018:  A copy of the Buccaneer Media and Fan Guide 2001.

Treasure of the Month May 2018:  The Golf Team Resolution issued by the State Board of Education recognizing Shelton State's National Championship Golf Team and Coach (Aug 26 1999).

Treasure of the Month Jun 2018:  A copy of The Brewer Summit, Summer 1978 issue.  Shelton State (Academic Division) began as a branch of Albert P Brewer State Junior College in Fayette, Alabama.  This was the college newspaper at the time.


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