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List of South African Sheldons

Adriaan Peter Sheldon

Albert Edward Sheldon

Algernon Victor Sheldon, born: 6 March 1888 - died: c.1961

Alice Wilhelmina Sophia Sheldon nee Bruce, died 1910

Alicedale Sheldon, born: 10 September 1880 - died: c.1949

Annie Lawrence nee Sheldon, died: 1 June 1921

Anthea Sheldon, politician, born: c.1962

Arthur Sheldon, died 1938

Brian Mansel Sheldon, born c.1904 - died: 1947

Catherine Sheldon, mother of Frances Johanna Sheldon

Cecil Stanley Sheldon, born: 4 July 1886

Cecil Wilfred Sheldon, born: March 1905 as Cecil Wilfred Schoedelin.

Charles Sheldon, Captain of the American trading ship, Abby & Sally, arrived in South Africa in 1807.

Charles Sheldon, died 1953

Charles Edward Sheldon jnr., born: c.1877 - died: 18 October 1932, married to Josephine Sheldon nee Fahrenfort

Charles Fleury Joseph Sheldon, died 1963, married to Clara Eveliene Sheldon nee Hill

Charles Victor Sheldon, born: 2 July 1900

Charlotte Sheldon, born: 20 October 1898

Clement Sheldon

Cornelius Sheldon, died 1912

Cyril Norman Sheldon, born: 14 March 1898 - died: 1 December 1993

David Frederick Sheldon, died 1954

Denzil Clive Sheldon, born: 9 February 1944 - died: 28 May 1995

Doreen Olive Sheldon, born: 30 October 1926 - died: 9 August 2008

Edith Mabel Goss nee Sheldon, born: 29 January 1885

Edward Henry Sheldon

Effie Johanna Sheldon

Eliza Jane Sheldon, died 1913

Elizabeth Margaretha Sheldon nee de Vaal, wife of Thomas Sheldon of Paarl, born: 13 July 1860

Ellen Parker nee Sheldon, wife of Edmond Parker, born: c.1856 - died: 12 November 1930

Ernest P. Sheldon, died 1907

Florence Lavinia Amy Crockart nee Sheldon, married to Allan Macfarlane Crockart who died in 1950

Frances Sheldon, Mother Superior of the Sacred Heart Convent in 1886

Frances Johanna Sheldon, born in 1885 in Wynberg

George Crux Sheldon, born: c.1871 - died: c.1903

George Stephen Sheldon, from the Transvaal, died: c.1890

Gilbert Percy Sheldon, born: 11 April 1883

Hannah Victoria Sheldon nee Clark, second wife of Thomas Alfred Sheldon, born: 17 June 1903

Hazel Edith Sheldon nee Clark, wife of Norman Edward Sheldon

Henry Sheldon, born: c.1846 - 1850

Henry John Thomas Sheldon

Herbert Arnold Sheldon, died 1966, married to Aileen Patricia Sheldon nee Massey-Hicks

Herbert Milner Sheldon, born: 29 October 1909 - died: 2 December 1995

Hugh Frederick Sheldon, M.D., born: 3 July, 1872

Jacobus Peter Sheldon

James Sheldon, arrived in South Africa in 1960, born: c.1926

Jeffrey John Sheldon, born: 19 December 1929 - died: c.2002

John Sheldon and Jane Kelly Sheldon nee Dale, arrived in Port Natal, 1850, onboard the Henrietta, with their two children, Henry and Mary Jane.

John Sheldon, died 1942

John Bruce Sheldon, born: c.1897 - died: c.1921

John Rudolf Sheldonborn: 12 Aug. 1939 - died: 30 Jan. 2007

Johnstone Sheldon, journalist

Joseph Sheldon, died 1902

Josephine Magdalena Sheldon nee Fahrenfort, married to Charles Edward Sheldon jnr.

Kate Elizabeth Sheldon, died 1917

Lionel Sheldon, poet

Liza Jane Moodley nee Sheldon, died 1913

Louis Sheldon, died 1953, married to Frances Sheldon

Louisa Sheldon, wife of Thomas Sheldon of Banwell, Somersetshire, died: 21 November 1892

Louise Vescelius-Sheldon, an American author and Soprano singer, born circa 1846 - 1848

Margaret Elizabeth Sheldon nee Lawson, died: 1975, married to William Sheldon

Margaret Frances Anderson nee Sheldon, born: c.1890

Maria Catherina Jane Sheldon, died 1954, married to Austin Frank William Sheldon

Martha Carolina Sheldon, died 1953, married to August Sheldon

Mary Sheldon nee Daly, died 1942

Mary E. Lindley nee Sheldon, from Inanda, Natal, born: c.1853

Mary Jane Mason nee Sheldon, born: c.1846 - 1850

May Sheldon nee Warrington

May Mary Sheldon, born 16 October 1891

Nigel Paul Sheldon, born: 20 August 1929 - died: 31 January 2003, married to Shelia Mary Sheldon

Norman Edward Sheldon, born: c.1905 - died: 17 December 1949, married to Hazel Edith Sheldon nee Clark

Pamela Florentina Erasmus nee Sheldon, born c.1869 - died 28 May 1936

Peter Martin Sheldon

Rose Sheldon

Ruth Maud Sheldon
, born 8 June 1902, married to Alexander Harris Brinkworth

Sheldon Charles Sheldon, died 1937

Shelia Mary Sheldon, born: 11 November 1927 - died: 5 August 1995, married to Nigel Paul Sheldon

Sophia Sheldon, died 1935

Stawell Sheldon, of Grahamstown

Susan Sheldon

Thomas Sheldon, born: c.1722 - died: 17 July 1755, during the sinking of the Doddington in Algoa Bay.

Thomas Sheldon, a trader living in Paarl, born: c.1841

Thomas Alfred Sheldon, M.B.E., born: 5 March 1882 - died: c.1960

Victor Charles Sheldon, died 1933

Victor Frank Sheldon, died 1964, married to Mina Sheldon nee Ward

Walter Hedley Sheldon, died 1963, married to Mary Isabella Sheldon

Walter Thomas James Sheldon, died 1962, married to Thelma Campbell Sheldon nee King

Wanda Sheldon nee de Beer, first wife of Thomas Alfred Sheldon, born: 28 November 1884 - died: 21 February 1944

Wanda Estelle Venter nee Sheldon, daughter of Thomas Alfred Sheldon and Wanda Sheldon nee de Beer, born: 21 November 1909

William John Sheldon, died 1904
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