The Aneurysm & AVM Foundation (TAAF) supports those affected by BRAIN AVM's And while mine is not in my brain, the research will ultimately benefit all of us suffering from this condition. Plus I have met so many wonderful "Brainers" through our support network at www.AVMsurvivors.org. They are my family and I am dedicated to supporting this cause!
Each May TAAF hosts an Awareness walk in San Francisco.  I've been fortunate to participate in 2009 & 2010 and as a team we have raised over $15,000 in just these two years!  Wow!  It's such a great time and a great cause.  I'm proud to be involved and hope to represent AVM Survivors Network at many walks to come!  And it looks like TAAF is helping to organize some other walks throughout the country so that more survivors can participate.  With luck we will be able to attend an East Coast walk and once again make the journey along side our wonderful friends Jaclyn, Kim, & family!
Read about the Walks and see Pictures of the events through the links below-
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