Shalon's Pictures

I'll add more of myself, and also other AVM "survivors!"  To start/stop/pause the slideshows, simply place your mouse over the pictures and the navigation bar will appear.
  • Timeline Pics- Shalon shows pics of me over the years from a baby until now.  You can see the progression in size of the AVM.  There are also a few more "graphic" pics of my lip and how I look just after embos.  Nothing too bad!
  • More pics! takes you to more "fun" pictures of me throughout the years.  Still obvious growth of the AVM is noticeable.
  • Glamour Gown pics! Check out my newest creations!  Fun, homemade gowns for my hospital stays.
  • Angio pics these give a whole new meaning to the term "Metal Mouth!"  I'm trying to get the series with the dye flowing through the vessels into a "movie" of sorts...but I think I might need some help pulling that together!
  • NEW- Surprise Coil Removal pictures of what makes me a metal mouth!  (Warning- these pictures are a little graphic with some blood and guts.  Everything that a 10 year old boy would find awesome!)
  • Super cool Surgery!!  picture from the intended coil removal and surgery to take out a bunch of the AVM.  Crazy for sure.  Do NOT look if you are squeamish.  It's grody :)

Pictures of other AVM-ers! 

If you would like to add pictures of your AVM and your story, email me!  I would love to share your info with people visiting this site.  All AVM's act so differently and affect people in different ways.  While my story may feel familiar to someone, your story may hit the mark!
  • Meeting other AVM-ers This started as just ictures of Cyndi and I on various trips to Denver.  But as the trips have progressed, so have the number of friendships.  So now this page has everyone and I hope to continue to add!!!
  • AVM Awareness Walk!  Annual walk in San Francisco- rain or shine!
  • Meet & Greet for those of us on AVM Survivors Network who made the trek to SF.  Sports Basement was kind enought to let us borrow their "big room" to set up a little "party" the night before the Walk.  It was wonderful to see all of my "brainer friends" in person and to see how excited they all were to share their stories.  Can't beat an event like this!
  • Timeline Pics- Cyndi shows the growth of her AVM starting at 28 years old.  I've also added a link to her new blog.
  • Timeline Pics- Keith starts with his AVM VERY visible but shows the progress of treatment with Dr. Waner (surgery) until the wonderful picture from 2008 and AVM "free!"
  • Camellia's Pics a few fun pictures of a beautiful little girl!
  • Nathan's Pics Just a couple of pictures of baby Nathan who had a difficult but brave fight with his numerous brain AVM's.  Sadly he was unable to beat it and has passed on.  Links to his story are here as well.
  • Arie's Pics Here are some beautiful pictures of Arie and a link to her story.  She is a happy young woman who will be starting High School next year!!
  • Maddy's Pics  Maddy is also a beautiful young teenager and has just started having issues with her AVM.  She is being seen at Children's Hospital Boston and her mom, Sherri, is still figuring this ugliness out and trying to decide on the right treatment for Maddy.