My AVM Sisters!

Posts from Stephanie and Andrea about their experiences living with a facial AVM.

Andrea's AVM

posted Sep 11, 2008, 8:41 AM by   [ updated Sep 12, 2008, 5:45 AM ]

Andrea's story is a little different from mine and Steph's.  While she also has a facial AVM, she isn't currently a Dr. Yakes patient... although she would like to be!!!  Check out her story and see her beautiful picture!!!


Her struggle with an AVM is compounded by her fight to get the medical treatment that she wants and NEEDS! 


(While I typically am a huge fan of the "universal healthcare" approach, Andrea's story is an example of a time when it doesn't work.  And this scares me with our upcoming election, talk of healthcare reform, and what impact it could ultimately have on my ability to be treated in Denver.)


Stephanie- My inspiration!

posted Jul 18, 2008, 5:26 PM by Shalon Whitgob

I found Stephanie's story when I was depressed, in pain, and feeling rather hopeless in my long term management of this AVM.  In the years of searching online I had never found anyone who's story so closely resembled mine.  Sure there are many differences but when I read this, I thought "That could be me.  That could by my story.  It's like reading my own biography from a very similar viewpoint."  I immediately emailed her and we have been in close contact since!  Lucky for me, Stephanie still lives in the Denver area and I am fortunate to see her (normally over some form of dessert!) each trip I make out there for treatment.
She really was the inspiration to get me moving and looking at this "cure" instead of just accepting a life of deterioration.  So I will always look at Stephanie as my hero and my inspiration.
Steph's story can be read here.

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