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Trip 8

My Summary    

This trip went pretty smoothly, although quick!  Josh's mom Jan was my companion again, but no shopping trips this time!!!
We had a good Tuesday arrival, after lucking out with a direct flight from Sac to Denver.  Arrived at Hertz to pick up our rental car...and found ourselves faced with an H3!!!  Ya, it was a little big, little bulky, and way too high for me to think I could climb into after treatment.  I really did try not to be high maintenance, and even loaded the luggage and sat in it.  But it just wasn't going to work.  So we traded for an Exploder (Explorer) that was probably the same size, but just felt so much more manageable, and was low enough for me to climb into.
We went downtown and somehow found our way to Steph's office building although she was already gone for the day to be with the twins.  But we had lunch at Baja Fresh and enjoyed the beautiful weather outside.  Then off to Dr. Reed's office where I always seem to bully my way into an earlier appt than the one that I'm supposed to have.  And then here is where the story gets a little interesting!!! 
A few days before leaving for Denver I was watching HGTV (yes, I'm a geek) and a commercial came on and I recognized the guy but couldn't place him.  Sure enough the next time it came on I recognized the mysterious man as Dr. Reed!!!!  I just knew I had to ask him about his turn into showbiz!  So when we got into the exam room, of course I had to show off my newly healed lip and brag that I am a normal person again!  Then I busted out with the "So, I was watching HGTV the other day..."  Dr Reed rolled his eyes a little but laughed alot!  He said he has been getting tons of calls from people who recgonize him.  His episode comes on in October, and I promised I would give him an unbiased review of how they "spun" his story and how he comes across on TV.  So that was funny!  And I'm ready to Tivo the episode with my note pad ready to record my review!!!
Then we headed over to the condo to meet Jenn's sister in law, Herdis, who is a pilot and had just flown into town.  She was nice enough to come straight to the condo, still in her official pilot outfit, to give us a key we could keep for future stays.  She had even turned the AC on for us so that the condo would be a little cool!  I can't even begin to explain how nice and helpful, and generous Jenn and her family have been to us.  They are honestly just wonderful people and I am so very thankful to have them.
The next morning we got up super early (4am CO time, 3am CA time!) to get to the hospital for the 6 am check in.  The hospital was popular that day and we were lucky we had been early because there was a fairly long wait for admissions.  Then we went around the corner to the waiting room and got waved right back to pre-op.  I was the first in, so I got to pick my bed and get settled in.  Everyone was very excited to see my healed lip of course!  Sue was there, but was with other patients, and I got Kim (my college Kim look alike!) who bravely tried to get the IV in, but as with previous tries, didn't get it on the first try.  I think I've officially become "that girl" that the nurses don't want to try the IV on...  But Mary came over and was able to get in on her first try.  Chatted with Rhonda and Julie, and was entertained by the adorable 4 year old Taylor in the bed across from me.  She was all happy and outgoing, even with her trach and knowing she was having a treatment.
Dr. Yakes came by, which is a little of a rare occurence for me.  I have really only seen him on a couple of trips, as I do most of the day to day stuff with the PA's.  But he stopped by and chatted for a few minutes.  He held my hand and was glad to see the healed lip.  He said that we were working on it and that he could tell we were making progress.  He kissed my hand and told me we would get there.  Then I watched him head over to Taylor's bed and was just as wonderful and heartfelt with this smile child.  He really is a great man.
I had an arteriogram this time (through the groin) and the OR tech guy, who I think is named Ed, said that Yakes was excited about doing the arterio this time, which was a good sign cause it meant he would be assesing the progress.  I know from experience and stories that he doesn't really volunteer too much as far as progress goes, because he doesn't want to give false hope of a time frame and such.  So I'm not holding my breath.  But at least HE knows the progress, so that's good.
Woke up in post-op and Kim was looking after me again.  Had to stay flat for 4 hours due to the groin cut, and after being awake for a little while, I got to go back into the pre-op area.  Sue was there and finished looking after me.  Richard (one of the nurses) came by and we chattted about Facebook!  He went home that night and added me as a friend.  Now I just need to get him some flair!!!  Eric, the new PA, came by to give me the prescriptions and chat quickly about the procedure.  Apparently it was all coils this time and no alcohol.  Which is good because I didn't have to worry about any tissue breakdown this time.  The reason for the coils vs. glue is that some of the vessels are too high flow to safely inject the glue without the risk of it going further into the blood stream then wanted.  So the coils help to occlude the vessels, and then Yakes can go back in and put the alcohol into that vessel later if needed.  After my 4 hours was up, and I had had some yummy mac & cheese, I was free to go.  We headed back to the condo, watched a little TV, and I napped.  We stayed late on Thursday as the flight didn't leave till after 4:00.  Made our trip to the airport, flew home, and Josh was waiting for us at the bottom of the escalator!
I'm feeling good, and strong.  Definately sore and bruised, although I think the bruising is taking it's time showing up which will most likely mean it will be ugly and dark by next week!  I was even feeling well enough that I worked from home ALL day on Friday.  So all good signs!
That's it.  Thanks to everyone who supports me through this journey.  All of my family and friends, and the new friends I have made, as well as everyone at Swedish!  This isn't the easiest thing to do, but you all make it feel like it is!!!!  xoxo
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