Here are some beautiful pictures of the campus of Ewha Womans University, the University of Rochester and Korea Institute for Advanced Study that I've taken.

Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea

University of Rochester, New York, USA

Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul, Korea


-  Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, Hanoi (July 15 - 20), host: Thang Pham

-  University of Copenhagen (July 3 - September 30, 2023), host: Karim Adiprasito

-  University of Rochester (May 21 - 27, 2022), host: Jonathan Pakianathan

-  The Chinese University of Hong Kong, IMS (July 21 - August 20, 2018) picture, host:  Naichung Conan Leung

A library at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Conference Attended or to Attend


The Korea-Taiwan-Vietnam Joint Meeting on Discrete Geometry and Geometric Measure Theory, Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, Hanoi, Vietnam (July 17-19, 2023)

The 28th KIAS Combinatorics Workshop, Utop Ubless Hotel, Jeju, Korea (June 1-3, 2023)

The 27th KIAS Combinatorics Workshop, KIAS, Korea (February 23-24, 2023)

Combinatorics on Flag Varieties and Related Topics 2023, Sol Beach Yangyang, Korea (January 31-Febuary 3, 2023)

The 26th KIAS Combinatorics Workshop, Shilla Stay Haeundae, Busan, Korea (December 20-22, 2022)

2022 DIMAG and ECOPRO Internal Workshop*, Utop Marina Hotel, Yeosu, Korea (October 31- November 2, 2022)

The 25th KIAS Combinatorics Workshop, Utop Ubless Hotel, Jeju, Korea (June 15-18, 2022)

Open Problems in Algebraic Combinatorics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA (May 16-20, 2022)

A Graduate Meeting on Combinatorial Commutative Algebra, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA (May 13-15, 2022)

The 24th KIAS Combinatorics Workshop*, Shilla Stay Haeundae, Busan, Korea (February 22-25, 2022)

KAIST Combinatorics Lab. Workshop 2022.02*, St. John's Hotel, Gangneung, Korea (February 08-10, 2022)

2021 Combinatorics Workshop*, The Bloomvista, Yangpyeong, Korea (December 20-22, 2021)

-  One day Workshop*, KIAS, Korea (December 15, 2021)

2021 DIMAG Internal Workshop*, St. John's Hotel, Gangneung, Korea (November 15-17, 2021)

-  7th annual Mississippi Discrete Math Workshop*, University of Mississippi, Oxford (October 26-27, 2019)

-  Graduate Research Workshop in Combinatorics, University of Kansas, Lawrence (June 17-28, 2019)

6th Lake Michigan Workshop on Combinatorics and Graph Theory, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo (April 6-7, 2019)

Summer School on Algebraic Combinatorics, KIAS, Seoul, Korea (June 13-14, 2016)

2016 International Workshop on Graph Theory and Combinatorics, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea (February 18-20, 2016)

Algebraic Combinatorics School 2015, KIAS, Seoul, Korea (February 10-13, 2015)

*: I gave or will give a talk.


2023 KMS Spring Meeting, Daejeon Convention Center, Korea (April 27-29, 2023)

Sage Days 116, Yangyang Sol Beach, Korea (December 27-30, 2022)

-  The 2nd SNU International Conference on Mathematics Education, Seoul National University (November 19th, 2022)

Workshop on Algebras with Related Topics*, Jeju National University, Korea (November 3-5, 2022)

QSMS Workshop on Representation Theory, The Bloomvista, Yangpyeong, Korea (July 24-29, 2022)

2022 KWMS The 17th International Conference*, KIAS (June 23, 2022)

2022 Algebraic Geometry-Number Theory Winter School, Sono Belle Cheonan, Korea (January 16-21, 2022)

-  Binghamton University Graduate Conference in Algebra and Topology*, Binghamton University, Binghamton (November 2-3, 2019)

Facets of Algebraic Geometry*, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (October 18-20, 2019)

The Graduate Student Topology and Geometry Conference 2019, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois (March 30-31, 2019)

Between Topology and Quantum Field Theory, University of Texas at Austin (January 14-18, 2019)

Upstate New York Topology Seminar, State University of New York, Albany (November 10-11, 2018)

Workshop on Quantization and Representation Theory, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China (August 3-7, 2018)

The 54th Topology Festival: Representation Theory and Topology, Cornell University, Ithaca (May 11-13, 2018)

2018 Southern California Geometric Analysis Winter School and Seminar, University of California, Irvine (January 22-26, 2018)

Geometry and Physics Conference 2017, The Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada (December 4-6, 2017)

Minischool on G2 Manifolds and Related Topics, The Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada (August 19-20, 2017)

Summer School on Geometric Analysis, The Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada (July 10-21, 2017)

Topology and Quantum Numbers, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea (January 5-7, 2016)

Winter School on Geometry, KIAS, Jeongseon, Korea (February 1-6, 2015)

Algebraic Geometry Lectures for Graduate Students, KIAS, Seoul, Korea (December 5-6, 2014)

-  2nd International Workshop on Geometry and Mathematical Physics, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea (August 8-11, 2014)

International Congress of Mathematicians, Seoul, Korea (August 13-21, 2014)

Summer School on Differential Geometry, Yangyang, Korea (June 23-27, 2014)

Winter School on Differential and Algebraic Geometry, Jeongseon, Korea (January 20-24, 2014)