"Motivating Young People To Be Better Citizens"

The SDUSD JROTC Brigade is made up of 13 JROTC schools: 7 Army, 3 Navy, 2 Air Force, and 1 Marine Corps.

SDUSD JROTC Brigade.pdf

Brigade Introduction

Find out more about the mission of JROTC and the amazing opportunities it provides.

Find out more about our JROTC Units in the San Diego Unified School District.


Academic Showcase

Two units from the Brigade qualified for the national finals in the annual Junior Leadership and Academic Bowl. Read more in the newsletter.

CyberPatriots Jan 2021.pdf

Program Showcase

Multiple units from around the Brigade performed in this years CyberPatriot Competition focusing on cyber security, a vital skill in the modern world. Read more in the newsletter

Kearny's State Archery Comp.pdf

Unit Showcase

Kearny High retains their position as the State Champions in NASP's California Virtual Tournament on February 24! Read more about it in the newsletter.

Cadet Showcase

Brigade Commander Newsletter.pdf

C/COL Vanessa Medina

Brigade Commander 2019-2020, SDUSD Joint Brigade

Top 100 Students America Needs To Know About.pdf

C/Lt Col Athena Amanatidis

Brigade Executive Officer 2019-2020, SDUSD Joint Brigade

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