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16 July 2018

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Changes to our Admission Policy

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I've had to seriously reconsider the admission policy at HEROES Academy which, for the last for years, has been heavily reliant upon achievement. HEROES Academy’s new admission process is more inclusive rather than exclusive and allows gifted students with poor resources or educational environments to join our academic program. Students may submit any one of many ability test reports to gain acceptance into our programs. We will continue to accept NWEA MAP scores for qualification purposes, and students can still take the NWEA MAP at HEROES as part of our placement test; however, we are now accepting a variety of individual and group administered IQ tests too.


Step 1: Qualification

Admission to HEROES Academy is on a rolling, first-come, first-served basis for qualified gifted and talented students. Applications are processed upon receipt, but please allow up to two weeks for processing. As part of the application process, students may submit qualifying scores for one of the tests listed below. Upon admission to HEROES Academy, all students must take the placement test for class placement purposes.

Step 2: Class Placement

HEROES places students into classes based on tested math and reading ability. Thus, all students are required to take the Placement Test for qualification and class placement purposes. Students without qualifying test scores may use NWEA MAP scores from our placement test for qualification purposes.

Our placement test consists of four sections:

  • NWEA MAP Mathematics
  • NWEA MAP Reading
  • Paper-Pencil Math Challenge Exam based on NWEA-MAP Math score
  • Paper-Pencil Writing Placement based on NWEA-MAP Reading scores​

Students may submit NWEA MAP scores from the current academic year. These students will be not be required to take the NWEA MAP test again, but they will still need to take the paper-pencil math and writing placement exams.

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