Useful documents are available to download at the bottom of the page.  They are also described in the sections below.

The CSRYE Inbound Handbook has a lot of information.   It also gives information about Rules and expectations.   The 4 D's (no Drinking, no Driving, no Exclusive Dating, and no Drugs) are talked about, as well as travel rules and other expectations.   Please make sure you are familiar with these.

It is very important that you communicate effectively with your 
  • Host Parents and
  • YEO  
Please make sure you keep them up to date on what the district is doing, and which events you must attend, or have the chance to attend.

Communication can be fostered by using the Facebook pages found to the left (in the blue box for District 6490), as well as using WhatsApp or other social media.  The best time to set these up is during the Inbound Orientation.

Playing Athletics at your High School
The IHSA Approval Letter may be needed if you would like to play a sport at your High School (you can find this at the bottom of the page).  You will also need to fill out a form with your Athletic Department, and this can be time consuming.  Please make sure you ask about this before you arrive in the US if possible.

Note that schools should be directed to look at the IHSA Approved Foreign Exchange Programs page, where Central States Rotary youth Exchange Program is listed ... you may not need the 2015 letter available below.

Note that you should not expect to travel by yourself, and travel needs to be discussed with your YEO and club first, before you make definite plans.   In general, you should not expect to travel outside of the district unless you are going with your Host Family or a Rotarian.   

If your biological family is planning to visit, you should be very careful about such plans ... this can increase a sense of homesickness, and can also be awkward with the host family.  Such visits are not forbidden, but ideally, you could come back with your family to visit (and spend more time) *AFTER* your exchange is over and after you went back to your country.

Grand Rapids Conference:  The Grand Rapids Conference is always held on the Weekend after the 4th of July ... please do not make any plans to return to your country until after this conference (so typically, do not plan to return until after the 15th of July).   This Conference is a gathering of almost 1000 exchange students, and is often one of the key experiences of the exchange.

District Trips
Throughout the year, District 6490 will provide opportunities for you to get together with the other Inbounds in the district, often by going on a trip.  The point is mostly to visit with one another, and to do so in an area that is hopefully interesting.
  • Note, due to the Cornoavirus, all district events have been cancelled.
  • Grand Rapids CSRYE Conference (July 9-12, 2020)   (unless cancelled)

Summer Tours
CSRYE has vetted two tours of the US that you can consider.   Note that both of these tours cost extra money, and this is something you would need to discuss with your natural parents back home.   The Most current information will be found on the CSRYE website (click here, then scan for Tours).   Information specific for the tours can be found in Summer Tours.      Finally, note that Terra North America and Terra Nova are two separate companies.   Tours offered by Terra Nova are *not* approved by CSRYE, and so please disregard any offers you might find by them.

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