The Dragonrise Approaches...

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Trademark Statement

"Glorantha, Glorantha Trading Association, Sartar Rising, Imperial Lunar Handbook, Lords of the West, and Odyssey of Terror are the trademarks of Issaries, Inc., and are used under license. HeroQuest, Hero Wars, RuneQuest, and Issaries are the registered trademarks of Issaries, Inc., and are used under license."

"Concept Use" Statement

"Glorantha is the creation of Greg Stafford. Greg Stafford and Issaries, Inc., reserve the right to use any Gloranthan names, places, and concepts, from any Original Material, in any future Gloranthan development or publications, without further credit or payment."
Artwork Use
All but a few of the pieces of artwork on this site are the result of long-winded Google searches. We draw a huge amount of inspiration in our creative endeavours from the work of the artists whose work appears here. We hope that this use is understood and tolerated in the spirit in which we use it. We would be very happy to provide full referencing, links and credit on this frontpage. Failing that, we'll remove it.