Jaffray lectures

Jean-Yves JAFFRAY passed away on February 26, 2009. He launched in 1997 what has become the Risk, Uncertainty, and Decision (RUD) meetings. The meetings emerged from the observation that many scholars in the field regularly visited the French group of decision theory in the spring. Jean-Yves had thus the idea to start some informal meetings that would go beyond getting together in his office. This came at a time when there was no place where all people from decision theory could present and exchange ideas. The first meetings took place in or around Paris for four years. RUD has taken place every year since then, growing in size and quickly becoming the central conference in decision theory, as attested by the host of impressive papers presented at past meetings (see the history of RUD) before getting their way to the best journals. It also grew a bit more formal as selection had to be organized given the increasing number of submissions.

As a tribute to Jean-Yves, his outstanding creativity and vision as well as his kindness, a Jaffray memorial lecture was launched at RUD 2010 in Paris. The lecture singles out an outstanding paper by young researcher(s), to whom Jean-Yves has always been particularly open. The paper is chosen by the Jaffray lecture committee among the papers selected for presentation at RUD. Also in the spirit of Jean-Yves, no formal prize is given.

A list of Jean-Yves's publications is here and a paper on Jean-Yves's contributions to decisision theory is here.


July 22, 1939 — February 26, 2009

List of Jaffray lectures:

  • 2022 Tommaso Denti: "Posterior separable cost of information"

  • 2021 Christopher Kops, Illia Pasichnichenko: "Testing Negative Value of Information and Ambiguity Aversion”

  • 2020 Yucheng Liang: "Learning from unknown information sources"

  • 2019 Ying He: "Revisiting Ellsberg and Machina’s paradoxes: a two-stage evaluation model under ambiguity"

  • 2018 Li Hualin: “Uncertainty Attitude and Variable Information Structures”

  • 2017 Alexander Jakobsen: “Dynamic (In)Consistency and the Value of Information”

  • 2016 Andrew Mackenzie: "A Foundation for Probabilistic Beliefs with or without Atoms"

  • 2015 Spyros Galanis: "Dynamic Consistency and Subjective Beliefs"

  • 2014 Jose Heleno Faro, Jean-Philippe Lefort: "Dynamic Objective and Subjective Rationality"

  • 2013 Simone Cerreia-Vioglio, David Dillenberger, Pietro Ortoleva: "Cautious Expected Utility and the Certainty Effect"

  • 2012 Jian Li: "Preferences for Information and Ambiguity"

  • 2010 Ayala Arad, Gabrielle Gayer: "Imprecise Datasets as a Source of Ambiguity: A Model and Experimental Evidence"